Are Homes Not Safe For Girls Anymore? When Fathers Rape Their Daughters...

Women are now being raped by their fathers. Aren't they safe at home anymore?

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Rape at home: In India's capital city Delhi, a woman is raped every 5 hours as per the latest numbers. A similar statistic taken for all India is likely to be more horrific. In many of these cases the rapist is either known to the family or within the family.

According to the data released by National Crime Record Bureau in 2015, 95 per cent of rape cases reveal that the offender and the victim know each other. 27 per cent of the offenders include neighbours, 22 per cent involves the promise of marriage and 9 per cent of such crimes are committed by relatives or immediate family members.

Rape cases at home assume an uglier side when the sexual predator is none other than the father of the victim. Recently a horrific case came to light where a father was arrested for raping his daughter of 11 years. This isn't the first such case.

1. Mumbai man rapes daughter

On Tuesday, May 25, a 38-year-old man living in Mumbai's Andheri was arrested for allegedly raping his 11-year-old daughter. An FIR was registered against him on May 23 under IPC sections 376 and 377 and POCSO act at Andheri police station.

2. Rajasthan girl raped by father and a stranger

In April 2021, a 15-year-old girl from Rajasthan revealed that her father raped her repeatedly for two years. This is because he suspected his wife of infidelity and doubted if the girl was his own daughter. When her grandfather learnt of the atrocities, he made arrangements to shift her to another house. Allegedly, her uncle sent another man there who raped her in captivity for 28 days. The accused father was arrested.


3. Uttar Pradesh man raped teenage daughter

In Dec 2019, a man from Uttar Pradesh's Bahraich district was arrested for allegedly raping his 13-year-old daughter. Allegedly, he returned home intoxicated and carried out the offence. Hearing the girl's screams, the family members and neighbours rushed to save her. The girl's mother said to the police that her husband had tried to rape her daughter earlier too.

4. Daughter claims father raped twice during lockdown

In May 2020, a girl living in Madhya Pradesh claimed that her father raped her twice during the lockdown. Her mother was aware of it but did not take any action. Rather, she stuffed cloth into her mouth as her husband tied her to the bed and assaulted her sexually. Allegedly, he said that it would make things less painful after marriage. They locked her inside a room to prevent her from  informing the cops.

A few days later, she escaped to her aunt's house. The accused traced her location and took her home. He raped her for the second time. Her problems eased when her elder sister called the toll-free number 1098 and narrated her ordeal. There were bite marks on her cheeks and injuries on her wrist when the police rescued her. The police detained her parents following her allegations.

The couple, however rejected having committed any such offence and said that their daughter was framing them because they objected to her relationship with an youth.


5. Madhya Pradesh girl raped for 1 year by father

In March 2021, a 14-year-old Madhya Pradesh girl accused her father of repeatedly raping her for 1 year. She narrated her ordeal to her mother. When the teenager's mother confronted the accused, he allegedly assaulted her and the girl. He warned them against approaching the police. But the victim and her mother lodged a complaint against the father.

The girl said to the police that she was first raped by her father a year ago. She claimed that he would rape her every time her mother would go out to work. When she visited her grandfather's house, the accused followed her and allegedly raped her when they were alone at home. After the police received the information, they registered a case under relavant sections of IPC and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act.

All the above rape cases at home raise an important question. Are girls safe at home anymore? Who can they trust if not their own fathers? Such deplorable actions should be strictly dealt with. Women safety is an issue our country still needs to work on big time.

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