Bhopal Shocker: Uncle and Grandfather Gangraped 6-Year-Old Girl

6-year-old gangraped: In Bhopal, around eight days ago, the 48-year-old maternal grandfather and 20-year-old maternal uncle of a 6-year-old girl allegedly gangraped her in front of her brother, who is a toddler.

It was revealed on Thursday when her mother noticed changes in her behaviour and talked to her.

SI Anjana Dhurve said that when the child’s mother returned from work on Thursday, she told her that she had ‘washed her clothes’. The mother was perplexed and worried since her daughter had not been behaving normally since the last few days. When she tried counselling her, the terrified child feared that she would scold her. But slowly she got her to speak.

6-year-old gangraped In Bhopal:

Around 7 to 8 days ago, the child’s maternal uncle allegedly took her and her 3-year-old brother to a relative’s house on the pretext of giving her some samosas. The SI said that the child’s grandfather was already there. They confined her to a room and took turns allegedly abusing her sexually in front of her brother. After this, they gave her Rs. 20 and asked her to keep her mouth shut. Then they bought samosas for her and drove the children home. The maternal uncle is a distant relative but the old man is the child’s biological grandfather. Both are in the custody of the police charged under the POSCO Act and IPC.

In order to protect the child’s privacy according to the directives of the Supreme Court on sexual assault cases, her identity has not been revealed.

As per statistics recorded by National Crime Records Bureau, in 2018, every fourth rape victim in India was a minor. In almost 94 per cent of cases the victims knew the offenders. They ranged from friends and family members to employers and live-in partners. In the same year, around 89 cases of rapes took place on a daily basis.