5 Common Mistakes That Are Impeding Your Weight Loss

Anushika Srivastava
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Our sedentary lifestyle has pushed many of us to become obese. Moreover, the reduced physical activity and the resultant weight gain also has some adverse effects on our health. Obesity might lead to various cardiovascular diseases, type2 diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders like osteoarthritis and even some cancers. So it becomes very important to stay fit. But many people would say they are trying so hard and still not losing weight. For them, we bring some common mistakes they do while on their way to becoming fit, which leads to very slow transition or no change at all.


Not Tracking What And How Much You Eat

Keeping a track of what you eat is very important when you’re on a journey to lose weight. This can easily be done by maintaining a diet plan. That’s why following a proper diet is very important not only when you want to lose weight but also on regular days, to stay healthy too. This will help you know your calorie intake and hence, will help you gauge what amount of work you need to put in to burn those calories.

Binge Eating: A Common Side Effect Of Dieting

Binge eating means eating excessive amount of food at the same time. You might give an excuse by saying that you eat healthy hence what’s the problem? But even healthy foods have calories and that’s what you need to burn. Binge eating will add-on to your calorie intake and hence affect your weight loss too!

You’re Not Sleeping Well

Undoubtedly, our schedules have become too hectic. Even after leaving the desk, there’s some or the other task we’ll keep on doing and our mind remains active too. Short sleep is not only a risk factor for obesity but also hampers your progress towards losing weight. Studies show that adults and children have 55% and 89% risk of being obese as a result of not getting proper sleep.


You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Not only drinking enough water is beneficial for weight loss but it also hydrates and boosts other body functions that contribute towards weight loss, like digestion and muscle function. Water is also a natural appetite suppressant. Water helps in calorie burning and helps remove toxins from the body. It also helps reduce overall calorie intake that you would take from other fluids.

Very Less Protein Intake

Protein is the king of nutrients. When it comes to weight loss, protein does help you in losing weight and belly fat through different mechanisms. Many get confused that protein increases body fat and hence one should avoid taking proper amount of proteins. This has a disastrous result on weight loss. We should remember that diets, that are low in protein can cause sugar cravings.

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