How This Award-Winning Series WoMoneyKiBaat Broke Barriers In Conversations

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When you think of crucial women-centric conversations, subjects like menstruation, sexual health, political awareness, gender pay gap and safety may come to your mind. How far down does financial awareness come on your checklist? Can any conversation on women empowerment infact be complete without a discussion on financial liberation of women?

This is why WoMoneyKiBaat presented by Aditya Birla Sun Life MF in partnership with SheThePeople, a series that inspects various aspects of money matters pertaining to women, is such a pathbreaking campaign. It not only takes the conversation around women and money matters one step forward, but in doing so also furthers the agenda of women empowerment. The campaign connected the dots on gender equity by taking up a pressing issue of financial independence and equality for women and creating wonderful conversations and digital touch points with it.

WoMoneyKiBaat is an award-winning campaign that put the spotlight on women from all walks of life, from all income groups, and from all stages of life such as single women, stay at home dads with working wives, home makers, women working from home, freelancers, those working from office and of course across professions. Together this was the country’s first large scale campaign effort to promote financial wellbeing for women.

For championing delicate but critical conversations on women and finances WoMoneyKiBaat won the Grant Thornton LLP SABERA Awards for Impact, alongside Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund (ABSLMF) this year.

It also won big at The Maddies for Best Marketing Strategy in Gender Equality category, in 2019.


WoMoneyKiBaat wins at The MADDIES.

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The conversation that WoMoneyKiBaat showcases isn’t limited to”best tips to saving money”, it also deals with challenges women have been facing for decades in our patriarchal society, which denies them financial agency, and how they are overcoming them. For instance, we spoke to author Neil D’Silva and his wife Anita, a couple who is breaking the age old-stereotype that men are primary earners in a family. Anita, who is school headmistress and a primary breadwinner for her family, and her husband also spoke on why women should have a say in savings and investments especially when it is their hard-earned money. A point that WoMoneyKiBaat reinforces tirelessly.

This is why WoMoneyKiBaat presented by Aditya Birla Sun Life MF in partnership with SheThePeople, a series that inspects various aspects of money matters pertaining to women, is such a pathbreaking campaign

Another crucial issue tackled by the series is that of financial planning. While women are often instructed to save money, they are seldom educated and encouraged to plan what happens with their money. Since it is men who often handle our money, even the most educated and financially independent of women feel intimidated by the task of deciding what is to be done with the money they earn. However, speaking to financial advisors and numerous women from diverse fields who have aced financial planning, WoMoneyKiBaat eases women into this intimidating discourse by offering a mix advise, opinion, experience and tips.

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And we do not stop just there. Want to take a sabbatical? Switch careers or follow your passion? Are you a single parent who needs to plan for everything from your daily needs to your kid’s higher education? Thinking of how you will sustain yourself after retirement? Not just women, every person has these questions on their mind, and a lot of us do not know where to look for answers. So in a way, WoMoneyKiBaat has a little something for everyone. It offers answers, encouragement and dialogue that will leave motivated to talk about money and do it unabashedly.

By taking their financial matters into their own hands, women can have a say in shaping their own lives and that of their loved ones. And it all starts with that one conversation about money that you have been scared of having for your lifetime. Take that first step, pledge to deal with your money matters on your own, and don’t let the stigma that women are bad with money matters frighten you.

The views expressed are the author’s own.