Savitri Mahto Lost Her Teaching Job During Lockdown, Now She Has 1 Million Subscribers On Youtube

savitri Mahto
Savitri Mahto and her brother Sanatan Mahto have become internet sensations after their dance videos went viral. The duo now enjoys one million subscribers on the video streaming platform Youtube. They have now received the Golden Button and massive popularity among social media users.

Savitri isn’t a trained dancer but her brother is. Sanatan after making solo videos for some time gave training to his sister and started posting duets on social media platforms which really shot them to fame.

Savitri Mahto was earlier employed as a teacher in a private school in Baliapur. Her brother during an Interview with Telegraph said, “Elder sister Savitri Kumari who is also my dance partner used to support the family income working as a teacher in a local private school of Baliapur but that school also closed down during lockdown aggravating our financial difficulties.”

The siblings belong to Kasmtand village in the Baliapur block of the Dhanbad district in Jharkhand. Their father is a small-time farmer and daily wage earner as per a report by The Telegraph. After the lockdown was imposed in India due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Savitri’s father had to function as the sole breadwinner in the family.

With their synchronised dance performances on Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube, the siblings have successfully improved their financial status. The duo which at first started shooting videos on a mobile phone now owns advanced camera equipment, laptop, bike and other commodities. With the improved video quality, the siblings have also made sure not to shift the focus from rural India.

Even their latest videos are shot in front of the kaccha house in their village. The massive popularity of their dance videos has not just amused the urban population but also helped in changing the mindset of the rural areas when it comes to dancing.

Sanatan Mahto said, “I am more happy about another aspect of our venture as people of remote areas like ours where dance was treated as a taboo, are now accepting dance and allowing even the girls to pursue dance.”

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