Where Art Meets Entrepreneurship. This is the Story of Anchal’s Art Studio

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I always wanted to be an entrepreneur…and start something which was my very own. This thought and ambition lead to the birth of Anchal’s Art Studio. My goal is to create art, illustrations and design which adds joy and cheer to your space or project. I tend to focus on projects aimed at children. While I didn’t design to do that, I have been getting a lot of work in that direction. 

Why I became an entrepreneur:

I supply original artwork for commercial or private spaces. I was always creatives so I do illustrations, caricature and cartooning. So I put that to work and turned author of two books Tales of Hannu the Monkey God and Tales of Gannu the God of Beginnings.

Art + Entrepreneur is:

I believe that Art is very individual. Every medium, brush and knife have their own story to tell on canvas or paper and when the story begins its an amazing journey till the end. Art has bound & liberated me with its magic and freedom.

Goal ahead:

My immediate goal is to make my books reach as many children as possible and supply affordable art to people.

Life as a small entrepreneur:

Being a freelance artist is challenging. My biggest challenge was to get people to take my work seriously. Just because i worked from home it was acceptable to interrupt my working space. Artists also face the burden of people looking for freebies. I’m happy to say the culture is now changing as in today’s times everyone is working from home.

The power of digital for me: 

I am creating more engagement on social media which convert to clients. A great part of my time goes of in creating online content as offline events are not happening as of now.

Advise to aspiring entrepreneurs:

  1. Never give up it takes time but it sure is worth it in the end.
  2. Always keep networking. Word of mouth is a powerful medium.
  3. Always keep learning. Attend workshops, classes, seminars. The more you know the more you will grow.

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Where Art Meets Entrepreneurship. This is the Story of Anchal’s Art Studio
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