Big Focus On Mental Fitness In Sports Going Ahead: Rani Rampal To SheThePeople

If one has to compete with the world's top teams then one has to be mentally very strong and confident...

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Aug 12, 2021 13:48 IST
rani rampal by shethepeople
Rani Rampal and her girls are back home, after a spectacular performance at the Tokyo Olympic Games. "We lost the medal but we won a lot of respect and love as we returned to India," says Rampal in an interview to SheThePeople. Rani Rampal Mental Health Perspective

But like any sportsperson, these girls are already focussed on their next big target, which is the Hockey World Cup. Rampal says that after being so close to the medal the team hopes to build on the game and the confidence of all players to win on world stage.

"We were very disappointed and sad because we were so close to the medal. We were crying because we were so close. We were also very emotional but we have got a lot of respect and love after our return to India. Even the PM called us and encouraged us. This warm welcome will inspire us to do better in the tournaments ahead of us. So yes, we are looking forward to that."

Rani Rampal Mental Health Perspective


One aspect of sport has received global attention this time at the Olympic Games - that of mental health. United State's top gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from her competition citing mental health and form challenges. Just before the Games began in Tokyo, Japan's Naomi Osaka made headlines at a tennis press conference and later at the French Open for withdrawing due to the state of her mind. Athletes are vulnerable to mental health struggles on many different counts, from depression related to personal failure to anxiety among others.

Rampal says mental health training is as critical as physical fitness. "That's very critical. It's as important as physical strength. If one has to compete with the world's top teams then one has to be mentally very strong and confident. We have to work on our mind just as much as we do on our physical fitness routine. We have worked upon it as well these past few months. So it will be a priority going forward."

The Rani Rampal Game


Coach Sjoerd Marijne in a detailed interview to SheThePeople talked about the good form of the Indian women's hockey team. He ">said, "They are focussing only on what's in their control and not on things that are outside their control." As part of their training Marijne noted that the team was showing leadership across its members and not just in pockets. The coach, also talked about the importance of mental fitness just as Rani Rampal did. "It starts with belief and the belief that you can achieve something. That worked really well for the girls," he noted. Watch the entire interview of the coach by ">clicking here.


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