Corona Warrior: Teacher spreads awareness among children through nursery rhymes

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In the wake of Coronavirus every day we are seeing people contributing in their own way. One such Corona warrior is Sunita Nagkirti who is a teacher singing nursery rhymes to explain the phenomenon of the pandemic. And to create awareness among children in slums regarding COVID-19, she created a nursery rhyme in Marathi to educate them on how to wash their hands for 20 seconds and prevent Coronavirus by taking the necessary precautions.

Educating through rhymes

In a video, Sunita is seen teaching a bunch of students how to go about the handwash and the children are repeating the rhyme after her along with actions. The nursery rhyme is in Marathi and Sunita has been teaching this rhyme in one of the hotspot area in Aurangabad. Moreover, The video was shared on twitter by Om Prakash Bakoria who is the Commissioner of Sports-Maharashtra.

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Sunita Nagkirti is a club master of Scouts and Guides family and is doing such wonderful work getting through in a simple and effective way to children. She has put community help before her personal interests and is trying to spread information to children and others in an innovative and interesting way. Her initiative and effort to help people in whatever way possible has been fruitful.

The nursery rhyme is in Marathi and Sunita has been teaching this rhyme in one of the hotspot area in Aurangabad.

The little things that count

She has been assigned with the task to teach and educate people about Coronavirus. She has to ensure that people in slums and populated areas receive the kind of education that is required for them to stay safe. Also, to see to it that they follow the guidelines that have been prescribed by the government.

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Aurangabad seems to be an emerging hotspot as new cases are coming and the tally is rising. Recently a total of 62 samples were tested positive taking the district count to 749 patients. However, 205 of the 749 patients have recovered.

Some other Corona Warriors

In the face of difficulties, a lot of women are contributing and working selflessly without thinking twice. Some of the brave fierce Corona Warriors are-

  • An Odisha Farmer who distributed produce for free. She said A lot of people have been contributing to the PM relief fund. And she thought that her way of contributing ca be distributing vegetables from her farm among villagers.
  • Another example is of an IAS Officer Srijana Gummalla who right after delivering her baby returned to her work along with her infant baby. As she realized that her duty was important especially when the country is fighting against the virus.
  •  A 95-year-old woman, Pi Nghakliani donated her monthly pension to the state CM relief fund. As well as took up stitching masks for doctors, nurses in her area.

These are some braveheart women who have taken upon themselves to fight in this battle against COVID-19.

Shreya is an intern with SheThePeople.TV