Australian Ministers Laud Indian Navy Women Sailing The World

Navy Women Officers Provost

The all-women Indian Navy crew circumnavigating the world are winning hearts for their strength and tenacity. Recently, the group reached Freemantle, their first stop in Australia. The country’s women’s interests minister Simone McGurk, who met the Navy women, was all praise for the group sailing on INSV Tarini.

“I cannot imagine how much bravery, let alone strength and tenacity, it would take to sail around the globe. These women are heroes,” said McGurk, reports The Hindu.

“As a Women’s Interests Minister, I applaud the six (member) crew for what is an incredibly challenging journey and wish them well as they move onto the next leg,” – McGurk

The all-women’s team, headed by Lt. Commander Vartika Joshi, also received encouragement from minister for tourism, defence issues and citizenship and multicultural Interests, Paul Papalia. “I sincerely welcome Lieutenant Commander Vartika Joshi and her crew to Western Australia,” he said. He also believes that a million of people, including India’s PM Narendra Modi, are watching their journey.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to show India, an emerging tourism market, the wonders of our State through the eyes of such a courageous and groundbreaking group of women,” Papalia added.

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In Australia, the Indian Navy crew went around to see some of the best attractions in Perth city. They explored King’s Park, Rottnest Island and other places.

“As a former naval man, I respect the endeavours of the crew of INSV Tarini enormously and wish them well on their journey,” Papalia said.

Speaking about their experience, Joshi told the media that so far they met with a mix of calm water and rough sea. They have covered 5,000 nautical miles since the start of their journey from Goa on September 10.

“The boat needs to be prepared for the next leg, which is going to be even tougher as we are going to transit to the Southern Ocean,” – Vartika Joshi

She mentioned that INSV Tarini requires a couple of repairs and servicing.

According to the plan, the Indian Navy crew will return to India in eight months. Their next stopovers are Lyttleton (New Zealand), Port Stanley (Falklands), and Cape Town (South Africa).

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