Woman Shares How She Became A ‘Chaiwali’ After Pursuing Economics Degree

graduate chaiwali
Graduate Chaiwali Priyanka Gupta is the living example that you don’t need to have a prestigious and popular job in order to be successful. Success comes to those who dare to take the risk and pursue what their heart wants, not what the society expects from them. Here’s her story:

“I was a bit clueless about what to do after completing my degree in Economics. Government exams ki taiyari karo, my parents constantly advised me. Like a good daughter, I started studying day and night to crack the exams but failed. I was depressed and didn’t know what to do next. But I was sure of one thing – I wanted to become financially independent as soon as possible.”

“One day, I came across the story of a youngster who dropped out of MBA to sell tea and built a thriving business out of it. I thought to myself, ‘If India can have an MBA Chai Wala then why not a Graduate Chai Wali?’ The world of entrepreneurship excited me a lot. Why do we have to run after jobs? Hum atmanirbhar kyu nahi ban sakte? I was convinced that entrepreneurship is my calling.”

“My parents would have married me off had I shared my idea with them. On the pretext of giving government exams one more shot, I left for Bihar, rented a small room and studied the market for two months. I realised that there could be a variety of flavours one could experiment with but most tea stall owners stick to just one or two flavours of tea. I wanted to fill the gap but I had exhausted my pocket money and savings by then. I borrowed Rs. 30,000 from my friend and started my tea stall in front of a women’s college in Patna.”

“In no time, more and more college girls started coming to my stall and I was making good profits. My last month’s profit touched Rs. 90,000. I have also employed two more people in my tea stall and plan to expand my business by opening more such tea stalls.”

“My parents recently got to know about my venture and its success and are finally supporting me now. I may not hold a prestigious job to flaunt in my social circle but I dared to dream, chartered my own path and made my own money. That’s all that matters. Right?”

Watch her story here. 

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