A Warrior, A Fighter, My Mom: Cancer Survivor Mother Remarries

cancer survivor mother remarries
As a cancer survivor mother remarried at the age of 52 and her son could not be more proud of her. Not only did she stay strong and beat the disease, but she never gave up on life and found love again and fearlessly claimed it.

A heartwarming online post is being hailed by the netizens in which the son of a cancer survivor shares how his mother after losing her husband, battled cancer and found love once again. Her disease did not waver her strength and faith in herself as she battled depression and anxiety. People on the internet found the story encouraging and inspiring and the son’s support to her was just highly appreciated. Her son even reached out to youngsters in India to tell them to support the relationship decisions of their single parents.

Cancer Survivor Mother Remarries

Jimeet Gandhi, on LinkedIn, shared the inspiring story of his mother along with her wedding photograph. He wrote in the post how she lost her husband back in 2013 at the age of just 44. In 2019, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. After undergoing chemotherapy for two years, she defeated the dreadful disease but it seemed as if the challenges didn’t end here. She tested positive for Covid-19 Delta variant during her Cancer treatment.

Jimeet’s mother was not only fighting Cancer and Covid, but was also battling anxiety and depression. She was alone while her children were pursuing their respective careers in different cities. However, she remained strong throughout and emerged as a warrior. She went on to find love and got married again at the age of 52 years. Jimeet wrote, “She decided to break all stigmas, all taboos in Indian society and married someone she loves.”

Jimeet went on to show his support and laud his mother for her inspiring journey. He wrote, “She is a warrior. She is a fighter. She is my mom. To all people of my generation back in India, if you have a single parent, please support their decision to find companionship. Love and #mentalhealth above all else!”

His post was loved by people on the net and their reactions came out in support of the warrior mother and her supportive son, calling out the repressive norms of the narrow-minded society. Some of them wrote: “Great to know your contribution to bring happiness to your mother and provide long term companionship and emotional support, god bless you.”

Another person wrote, “This is one of the most powerful and influential posts I read in a long time. Congratulations to your Mom for her new life! She must be a wonderful woman for instilling in you such high morals and an unbias upbringing that you can think so optimistically and embrace her new love at the age of 52. We truly need more people like your family.”

Cancer can take a toll even on the strongest of minds and to think that Jimeet’s mother was not only battling it she was also mourning her late husband. Her overcoming of anxiety, Covid, Cancer and grief is an inspiration for all of us to never lose hope in dark times. It can be difficult but we should remember that a strong will and determination can overcome any obstacles.

Also remarriage in Indian society is a big taboo. The society wrongly thinks that single or divorced women should invest their time in their children and not think about their own happiness. However, everyone deserves  a shot at happiness their age should not cast them into the pre-defined roles.

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