Breaking The Stereotype: Men Who Wear Makeup

Men who wear makeup
Makeup and the whole concept of beauty is often associated with women in a patriarchal society. Today, more men are starting to use makeup as a form of expression and creativity, proving that it is not restricted to any gender. Check out these brave men who wear makeup and are breaking stereotypes in their own unique ways.

Shantanu Dhope

men who wear makeup

Shantanu Dhope Instagram Posts

Shantanu Dhope constantly serves his audience with vibrant, bold and eccentric makeup looks. Using his face as a canvas, he creates marvellous art with lovely colours. Full of glam and creativity, many fans have recreated the looks he has created. Slamming the patriarchal thought that boys cannot wear makeup, Dhope creates amazing art on his face.

Check out his Instagram to see more satisfying and stunning looks.

Deep Pathare

men who wear makeu

Deep Pathare

Deep Pathare is another beauty influencer known for his stunning and fierce makeup looks. Appreciated by his audience due to his confidence, he comes up with creativity and beauty in each new post. His artistic skills combined with his perfect blending skills make us appreciate him even more.

His boldness to play around with vibrant and eye-catching colours is admirable and his followers instantly fall in love with it. Honestly, it’s impossible to choose a favourite from his makeup art because they all look so good.

We’re not lying. See it for yourself here.

Ankush Bahuguna

men who wear makeup

Ankush Bahuguna on Instagram

Apart from being a successful content creator, Ankush Bahuguna also experiments with makeup. Identifying as a cisgender heterosexual man, he surely paves the way for many men who want to wear makeup but cannot due to several reasons

He posts about his personal journey with experimenting and having fun with makeup. He posts basic makeup routines for everyone regardless of their gender. Watch him documenting his wholesome journey of learning makeup and promoting makeup positivity here.

He’s winging it flawlessly.

Shakti Singh Yadav

men who wear makeup

Shakti Singh Yadav on Instagram

Shakti Singh Yadav is a lifestyle and beauty influencer on social media who also promotes makeup positivity among men. By promoting that makeup has no gender, he preaches that male grooming is important.

Yadav’s top viewed videos include how to groom eyebrows and how to do basic makeup for everyday life. He advocates that grooming yourself gives you confidence and makeup is a form of expression which is meant for everyone, not just women.

Jason Arland

“I am a boy and I like wearing makeup” – Jason Arland

men who wear makeup

Jason Arland on Instagram

Only 18 when he started his career, Jason Arland has been experimenting with makeup since he was 14 years old. Being an influencer on male beauty and grooming, Arland did a lot of things that came as a culture shock to many.

Despite many criticisms coming his way, he wears his makeup with pride and confidence. Arland continues to battle gender stereotypes against men who wear makeup. Using his platform to raise awareness, he posts unique makeup tutorials on both Youtube and Instagram.