Make up can be an empowering tool for young women

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Make up is a shield for some to hide their insecurities behind. It sometimes even makes them confident. It’s not anti-feminist. It’s infact empowering. Just a little bit of eyeliner can make you feel fierce and in control of your surroundings, red lipstick makes you feel that you are on the top of the world and no one can drag you down. Make up for girls is their best friend as it helps them achieve these things. I see it everyday.

Teenagers don’t even have to go very far, inspiration is on the internet. Many are inspired by youtube and the¬† beauty blogging world. Karishma Ahuja also known as TheDesiSenorita on instagram said in a recent talk, “Be yourself and experiment with various styles.” She insisted “teenagers nowadays are heavily influenced by what others opinions which should not be the case.” When asked about what inspired her blogging name ‘desi senorita’ she said “I always wanted to use the word senorita and mom suggested the word desi and this is the way desisenorita was born” at the age of 22 she sure does know what she is doing.”

What I like about her perspectives is that a lot of her stuff belongs to the classics.

Must haves in a college girls closet according to TheDesiSenorita
1) White Shirt
2) A pair of Oxford shoes
3) Brown satchel
4) Denim Overalls
5) A classic pair of black stilettos

A couple of do’s and Don’t’s according to TheDesiSenorita

1) Always carry deo and body mist with you
2) Skip foundation and go for a good cc cream, it will make your face look less cakey
3) Most importantly dress up for yourself and not to impress anyone else. As long as you are confident nothing else matters

1) Don’t overdress if there is no need,even a simple dress can go a long way with a simple accessory added to it.

Picture Credit: KoreMagazine

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Make up can be an empowering tool for young women
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