Removal of ECA and Sports Tryouts By Delhi University Has Students In A Career Crisis

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With the CBSE results out, the anticipation over college admissions and careers is yet at an all-time high. However, the Delhi University, one of the most sought after universities of the country no longer accepts extra curricular activities (ECA) and sports quota for admission. Instead, students will be awarded admission based on their merit and participation certificates. The ECA and sports quota account for almost 5% of the total intake of students.

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For a university that calls itself inclusive has now closed a door of creative expression and denied holistic education. Here is what some students feel about the removal of ECA and sports tryouts.

Sagarika Chaudhary, an ardent writer who just completed her 12th grade, says that not every student can be a straight-A scoring student.  “Some students have an enormous amount of talent when it comes to areas like sports and are thus a little more focused there, and not academically inclined”, she continues. She also believes that it is vital to have the ECA continue so that all merits can be taken into consideration.

Ruhani Bhasin, who was unsure of her CBSE marks but has an angelic voice expressed, “As a keen singer, I have felt that I could bank upon my skills to get into the top colleges of DU like many other students. However, removing the ECA completely is a major setback for those who wish to ultimately choose a more artistic path in their life. It has suddenly sourced anxiety and stress about my career prospects.”

“Students now have been robbed off their hard work and persistence over the past year”- Siddharth

Anurag (name changed on request), a high school graduate of this year said he did not manage to score as well despite focusing on academics. Being an athlete, he thought the sports quota would be an aid. He further adds, “I did not participate much in competitions in twelfth due to studies. Now, I don’t have the previous year’s certificates. I am trying to figure out my options of possible colleges which is stressing”.

Disha Jain, who was banking on her dance as part of ECA says, “We spent years earning training and performing in co-curricular and sports activities. So dispelling of ECA and without tryouts for sports and just based on documents, I don’t think a fair decision can be made as these art forms are practical based and not theoretical”.

Siddharth Kulkarni who took admissions via the sports quota last year said Delhi University has been widely regarded as one of the most inclusive universities in India because of ECA and sports quota. “However, students now have been robbed off their hard work and persistence over the past year”.

“This shows that the university has no regard for anything out of the textbooks”- Yash

Yash (name changed on request) an 18-year-old high school pass out said, “The decision clearly says that academics is the top priority. This shows that the university has no regard for anything out of the textbooks. Creativity and talents now have no space in a university the country aspired to be in”.

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Bhavya Gupta is an intern with SheThePeople