Viewers Impressed With Samantha's Performance In Yashoda

Yashoda twitter review suggests that the screenplay is interesting but Samantha Ruth Prabhu's performance stole the show.

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu starrer Yashoda revolves around surrogacy and a sketchy agency. This medical thriller is written and directed by Haresh Narayan and K Hari Shankar. Twitterati reacts to the films, mostly in praise of the performances.

Prabhu started her career with the Tamil film Ye Maaya Chesave in 2010 and her performance was widely praised, her career only saw an upward graph ever since with several award nominations and accolades. Prabhu has shined in the Tamil and Telegu movie industry and her first pan-Indian work was in Family Man 2 in the role of the antagonist Raji which introduced her to a larger audience. Yashoda is a film with action and Prabhu's fans were eagerly waiting to see her in this form.

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Yashoda Twitter review

Being impressed by Prabhu's performance, a Twitter user wrote, "Fantastic Engaging Emotional Thriller Movie. Breath-Taking Performance From @Samanthaprabhu2. Directors Hari & Harish Got a Neat Script With Perfect Execution. Bgm By Manish Sharma Superb. Good Film, Give it a Watch #YashodaReview, " as he rated the film with four stars.


Another viewer who updated how the film is doing, said, "#Yashoda day 2 advance bookings are on fast filling & some shows sold out.. footfalls are slowly increasing after getting reviews from the critics & audience.. overall good hold Mass choopisthunnav Sam". Another fan of Samantha Ruth Prabhu recalls that the actor has recently gone through some tough times and received a lot of hate for some decisions she made, is now being praised by many for her performance, she tweeted, "Gonna sleep with a high feeling that even haters praised #SamanthaRuthPrabhu .. positive reviews and celebrations , what else a fan want..Hope you are smiling now @Samanthaprabhu2 with everything that happened today."

A movie distributor based in the United States of America shared their review of the film saying, "A Satisfactory Emotional Thriller that works for the most part Interesting story/setup that is told in a partly engaging way. Twists were decent but payoffs should’ve been better along with the climax portion. Samantha gave a great performance. Decent!" Another viewer gave the film a 3.75 stars and said, "Engaging & Intriguing First Half with Thrilled, Action Packed and Full of Some predictable and Some shocking Twist & Turns Second Half With well researched Screenplay".

The screenplay sounds to be interesting but Samantha Ruth Prabhu's performance seems to steal the show. But one can only be a judge of these by watching the film themselves, looks like the chances of being disappointed are quite less.

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