Who Is Trisha Paytas? Influencer’s Unique Wedding Is Buzzing On The Internet

who is trisha paytas
Who is Trisha Paytas: There were Hilary Duff songs, a strangely empty-looking venue and an almost-hostage situation. And this is not all that fans noticed about influencer Trisha Paytas’ recent wedding, photos and videos of which are doing rounds on the internet.

In what netizens are calling a thoroughly unique celebration, Paytas, who is popular on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube with their followers running into many thousands, tied the knot with their partner Moses Hacmon, who is an artist and a fellow influencer.

“Husband and Wife 🖤 12.11.21,” Paytas tagged a photo of themself and Hacmon kissing on Instagram. The ceremony was held in California, United States as per their social media profiles. Hacmon also shared a snap from their wedding and called Paytas the woman of his dreams.

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While visuals from the wedding prompt a stream of best wishes for the newlyweds on social media, netizens cannot seem to stop talking about how extraordinary the Paytas-Hacmon celebration seems to have been.

Know Who Is Trisha Paytas And Why Their Wedding Has People Talking

For starters, a YouTube vlog by the couple reveals that Hacmon was allegedly strictly prevented from leaving the venue before the ceremony. Hacmon says that a valet told him it was Paytas’ instruction that the access to his car be cut off until the two were completely, fully married. One Twitter user was not happy with this policy and said that imposing it for fear of Hacmon turning out to be a ‘runaway groom’ was “insane.”

Another moment from the wedding that has people talking is the married couple singing What Dreams Are Made Of, a Hilary Duff song from a teen film. Some are even pointing out that with all that the influencer shared about spending on their wedding, the final result did not hit the mark.

Besides talk of the celebration, there is also an influx of negative commentary for Paytas. Comments on social media show they are being fat-shamed and told that the marriage with Hacmon won’t last.

Paytas, 33, is also a singer with multiple film and television credits to their name as well. Santa Baby, Don’t Forget Me, If I Could Turn Back Time are among their most successful singles.