Who Is Sheherzaade Noor Peerzada? Yashraj Mukhate's New Muse

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Sheherzaade Noor Peerzada
Social media fame Yashraj Mukhate recently posted a new music video using the meme posted by a Pakistani actor and comedian Sheherzaade Noor Peerzada.

The video after being posted on August 10 has garnered over three lakh likes and views.

In the video posted by Peerzada, she is seen mocking travel bloggers. She playfully mixes the hindi word safar (journey) and suffer. At the end of the video, she tells her viewers, "May you all safar". Peerzada's comic video shows her playing the role of Baji Bombastic, a character she created herself.

Mukhate, like many other videos he has made since the past year, gave a musical track to Peerzada's video. His video also features kids whom he also thanked in the caption. His caption read, " May you all safar. Dedicated to all the wanderlust travellers and sufferers. The girl who loves to safar >> @baji.bombastic @sheherzade.peerzada.Lots of love to the stars: Khushi, Kanha and Mishka!♥️♥️"

Who Is Sheherzaade Noor Peerzada?

  • The woman featured in Yashraj Mukhate's video has over 66 thousand followers on Instagram.
  • She describes herself as an actor, comedian and voice-over artist in her social media bio.
  • Peerzada has also shared her work as a voice-over artist in the highlights section on her Instagram handle. She has done voice-over for The J&J Show and a few brand advertisements.
  • In one of her posts, she urged actors to join a collective that aims to protect the rights of actors in the industry.
  • Peerzada is also famous for creating a character named Baji Bombastic. The character has a different social media account.
  • As Baji Bombastic, Peerzada portrays the role of a burqa-clad Muslim woman who has unique takes on current issues.
  • In one of the Baji Bombastic videos, Peerzada is seen giving her take on the Israel-Palestine conflict. After Israel decided on the ceasefire, Baji Bombastic in her unique style told her followers that ceasefire does not mean the end of oppression.
  • When former Pakistani diplomat's daughter Noor Mukadam was brutally killed recently, Peerzade also posted a statement asking for justice.
  • She wrote, "How long will this continue? How long will we make excuses for people who are nothing but vile? How long will we let the list of hashtags pile up till it’s our own name that is making headlines? How long? Kitni dair?"

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