Seven Women Creators Who've Featured In Yashraj Mukhate's Parodical Raps

Yashraj Mukhate, the Indian music composer, has pioneered a modish form of memes out of random dialogues to entertain the social media users. Only if you live under a rock, you’ll be able to escape the musical memes on social platforms produced by him. Yashraj Mukhate

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Yashraj Mukhate, Pawri Ho Rahi Hai
Yashraj Mukhate's Party Ho Rahi Hai goes viral, as expected: Yashraj Mukhate has pioneered a modish form of music out of random dialogues to entertain social media users. The composer has a ‘golden touch’ that turns each one of his parodical rap videos into a massive hit. The “Rasode me kon tha” rap song which was churned out of a scene from the popular daily soap, Saath Nibhana Saathiya, made the composer an overnight celebrity. And he has done is again with his latest viral video "Pawri ho rahi hai" video.

Featuring Pakistani content creator, Dananeer Mobeen, when this newly released video started making rounds on the internet, users contributed put their own twists to it to fill the internet with hilarious memes. Only if you live under a rock, you’ll be able to escape the musical memes on social platforms produced by Mukhate. Interestingly, several women content creators have been at the centre of his superhit work.


Here are the women content creators who unwittingly became a part of Mukhate's work:


The Pawri Girl Dananeer Mobeen


To begin with the latest, the content creator from Pakistan, Dananeer, who is now popularised as the “pawri girl”, is the woman behind Mukhate's first viral video of 2021. The influencer shared the original video on her Instagram mimicking ‘borgors’ when they visit northern areas. Yashraj Mukhate turned the video into a “pawri” anthem. Taking to social media, he wrote, "Aajse me party nahi karunga sirf pawri karunga. Kyuki party karneme wo mazaa nahi jo pawri karneme hai. Thanks @saudchaudary and all the people who sent me this video in the DM. And a big shoutout the pawri girl @dananeerr." Now, social media users are petitioning to officially change “party” to “pawri”. 


Shehnaaz Gill with her beloved Tommy

Last year, Bigg Boss 13 contestant and singer Shehnaaz Gill gave Yashraj Mukhate a gem when a clip of hers from inside the Bigg Boss house, amidst a stressful moment, caught his attention. As a result, we got the popular peppy mix “Tudda Kutta Tommy, Sadda Kutta Kutta”. In response, the Punjabi singer dropped a cute comment on Yash’s post and said, “Burahhhh.”



Tu Kya Hai, asks Rakhi Sawant

Another Bigg Boss contestant and actor, Rakhi Sawant, is a mine of content. Every single thing that Sawant does in her life is lapped up by creators and turned into memes and viral videos that sometimes make us cringe, and as in this case, sometimes leave us in splits. In this video, Mukhate combine a fiery interview of Sawant, with another viral song, "Kachra Gadi" to create an earworm of a mashup.


Biggini shoot


Again, an old video clip from the reality show, Emotional Attyachar gave Mukhate a template for his hit video after the viral "Rasode me kaun tha" post. The video features the tale of Poonam, who had appeared on the show in the year 2011. The video titled 'Biggini Shoot', starts off with a dialogue exchange between host Pravesh Rana and the guest. Mixed with groovy music, this rap was the new favourite on Instagram in no time.

Rasode Mein Kon Tha?

Now to the OG, “Rasode me kaun tha” featuring Kokila Modi from the show Saath Nibhana Saathiya. The daily soap was aired in 2010 on Star Plus. The Saas-bahu drama scene took a hilarious turn when the composer intervened with his music effects. Speaking of the fame Yashraj acquired after the hit, he told Indian Express, “I haven’t slept for the last two days as I have been consistently getting calls.” But the cherry on the cake came when Kokilaben herself called him. He said, “I was so taken aback when last evening, Kokilaben (Rupal Patel) called me on my personal number. It was an unbelievable experience as I never expected the video would reach her.”


Katrina Kaif’s cousin

Following the same creative trail, another mashup of a video of a girl claiming to be a cousin of Katrina Kaif became the core of the parody rap. In the original video, she tells her fans who have been asking her the secret to her beauty, that she is actor Katrina Kaif's cousin. "Kya karu main jo itni sundar hu!" she exclaims, because fans just won't believe her claim. Sigh.


Do Naagin 

Who knew we had “naagins” as Tik Tok stars? Well, we didn’t until Mukhate stumbled upon a video with the huge revelation. Two girls created a “cringey” clip on the video-sharing platform unveiling the truth about their identity. 






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