Who Is Sharda Whabi? Agra-Based Fashion Designer Who Succumbed To COVID-19?

Who is Sharda Whabi
Who Is Sharda Whabi? Agra-based Indian designer, Sharda Whabi succumbed to COVID-19. She is survived by her husband and two sons who are currently living in Dubai. She was 62.

Reports suggest that the fashion designer was suffering from fever and sore throat. According to TOI, she passed away in her house in Jaipuria Sunrise Colony on Monday and she was cremated on Wednesday.

Who is Sharda Whabi?

1. The acclaimed designer was residing in Dubai for over 15 years before moving to India. She is married to Mahesh Whabi of Astoria and Ambassador Hotels and has two sons, Arjun and Niranjan Whabi.

2. Whabi was found dead in her house in Agra where she used to live alone. She started as a designer. She was reportedly involved with charity work.

3. Remembering his mother, Arjun noted, “Feeding animals and helping the needy was her main job and she sometimes designed gowns for brides and dresses for lord Krishna as part of her social work. He further added that his father is also in Dubai but is not keeping good health.

4. Whabi made an impression in India’s fashion industry after presenting her work at the Bride show, which opened at the Dubai Trade Center in the year 2002. “In a matter of a year-and-a-half, she has developed a production unit of 100 workers, participated in various fashion shows, and has been featured in Indian magazines and television,” stated the Gulf News, a Dubai daily, in 2002. She was also introduced as a designer of repute both in India and in the Gulf.

5. Her collection was shown on the ramp for the first time at the Trade Centre in Mumbai in 2001. Whabi’s passion for designing grew when she was confined to bed for three months in Mumbai after she fractured her ankle in 2002.

6. She had achieved remarkable success with Indian brides, creating trousseau wear and formal outfits for engagements, weddings, Mehandi ceremony and musical celebrations.

During her last rite, Whabi’s family members could not travel to Agra because of the flight restrictions so the local police had to cremate her body as per Hindu rituals. Read all about it here.

Feature Image Credit: TOI