Who Is Saadat Ali? Lucknow Cab Driver Assaulted By Woman In Viral Video

Saadat Ali said that the incident has damaged his self-respect and he wants it back. He also threatened to commit suicide if the girl is not arrested.

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Who is Saadat Ali ? The video that shows Lucknow girl thrashing a cab driver at a signal for allegedly speeding at her went viral on the internet within hours of being posted. Saadat Ali, the cab driver, has threatened to commit suicide if the girl doesn't get arrested.

Here is what you need to know about him

  • Saadat Ali is a Lucknow cab driver who was assaulted by a girl for allegedly hitting her by his car in the middle of a road at Lucknow city’s Kesari Kheda traffic crossing.
  • In an interview by India Today, Saadat Ali said that that girl came in front of his car even though the traffic light was green. He was driving below the speed limit and quickly applied brakes
  • The girl damaged his car, took his phone and damaged it. He said that the phone belonged to his owner adding that he had to incur a loss of Rs.60,000 as his car has been partially damaged.
  • "I was slapped more than 20 times. She wasn’t ready to stop”, he said in the interview
  • He also claimed that his cab was confiscated by the police. He had to pay Rs.10,000 to get his car released.
  • Saadat Ali said that the incident has damaged his self-respect and he wants it back. He also threatened to commit suicide if the authorities do not arrest the girl who assaulted her.
  • He said he wants his self-respect back else he will take his own life. He is forced to live a life of oblivion, can't show his face to anyone and is living separately
  • In the video, he could be spotted appealing to the public to call a woman constable who could tackle the girl.

Who is Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav?

According to her statement, Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav has done Bsc, Msc and M.Phil with few years of research experience. She is jobless now owing to the pandemic.  Priyadarshini in her statement on social media claimed that the driver was intoxicated and was about to hit her. She also claimed that she was beaten by 100 goons after the incident took place.

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