Who Is Priyanka Nair? Actor Featured In Single Character Film

Priyanka Nair
Abhilash Purushothaman who is a banking professional from Kerala helmed a single character film starring Priyanka Nair. The movie is based on problems faced by women across the world.

Abhilash Purushothaman said, “I have been a banking professional for more than 15 years now. But the passion for cinema has me running towards it every now and then, whenever time allows.”

He further added, “She (Priyanka Nair) and I are friends, and I used to discuss every development of my script for the single character with her. In the end, when it was time to shoot the film, Priyanka was the most natural choice – she knew the character inside out.”

Purushothaman went to an international film festival in Goa where he found the inspiration for a new film. He reckoned that there are less than 30 feature films with a single character in the world. He also mentioned that VK Prakash’s horror thriller Praana starring Nithya Menen is another film that has a single character who is a female. He reimagined the film as a single character film. The film is yet to be titled.

The movie had only Priyanka Nair’s character appearing on the screen while all other characters appeared as voices on the telephone only. This continues throughout the film for one and a half hours.

Who is Priyanka Nair?

  • Nair is a Malayalam model turned into an actor. She has done the movies like Bhoomi Malayalam, Vilapangalkappuram and Jalam. Apart from Malayalam movies, she has also worked in Tamil films.
  • Nair was a Physics student when she started acting on a part-time basis.
  • In 2008, she was awarded as the Second Best Actress.
  • Nair earned her Best Actress Award by working in The Better Half.
  • She had shared that she loves riding her Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle.
  • She married Tamil movie director and actor Lawrence Ram. The couple now has a son together.