Who Is Muskan Jattana? Social Media Influencer Currently Seen In Bigg Boss OTT

Moose Jattana on Feminism Who Is Moose Jattana ,Who Is Muskan Jattana
Who is Muskan Jattana? She is a social media influencer who is currently seen in Bigg Boss OTT. Here’s what you should know about Muskan Jattana AKA Moose Jattana
  • Muskan hails from Chandigarh’s Mohali. She has completed her studies from Melbourne, Australia.
  • She is 20-years-old.
  • She is well-known on Instagram as Punjabi-Australian influencer and is often seen entertaining fans with her content. She is active on TikTok as well.
  • She has 1 lakh 87 thousand followers on Instagram. Her bio reads “अभी तो हमे और ज़लील होना है”
  • Through her posts, she inspires people not to put themselves in a box and keep following their dreams.
  • She is an active promoter of social issues like homosexuality and women’s safety in metropolitan cities.
  • In an interview with SheThePeople, she opened about her views on feminism. She said that there are two elements to feminism. One is personal and the other one relates to the broader idea to the movement of feminism. She advised women to recognise their worth and work on it if they want to start their journey with everyday feminism. She also said that one has to make their own choices whatever they think in the time is right. She believes that the feminist revolution in India has been really slow but she is hopeful that it will accelerate in the coming years. Watch the full interview here.
  • She recently made a big revelation about her sexual orientation. She said that she is bisexual and is more attracted to boys. “On the spectrum, the connection with a girl is more important to me.”, she said adding that she won’t mind getting hitched to a girl if she develops a strong bond.

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