Who Is Kritika Khurana? Fashion Influencer Announces Separation From Husband

Kritika confirmed separation and said, "I’ve decided to separate and this decision has been harder than anything else I have ever had to do."

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Kritika Khurana announces separation
Kritika Khurana, who goes by the Instagram handle ThatBohoGirl, is a social media influencer based in India. With a over million followers on Instagram, Khurana regularly works with household brands like L'Oreal, Myntra, Knorr, Pure Sense, and a lot more. The social media influencer, who recently got married to her boyfriend Aditya Chhabra, announced separation six months after the wedding earlier this week.

On October 12, Khurana confirmed her separation from Chhabra in a statement on Instagram, “I know a lot of already know, but I wanted you to hear from me since you’ve been such a big part of my journey for 8 years now. I’ve decided to separate and this decision has been harder than anything else I have ever had to do."

Who is Kritika Khurana?

A native of Delhi, Kritika is a fashion design graduate, who began as a fashion influencer about eight years back, when she first started uploading her 'Outfit Of the day' or #OOTD photos on Instagram. She is also known for her blog, 'That Boho Girl'. In 2014, she started an online clothing store ‘The Hype.’ That same year, she started her YouTube channel and began uploading videos related to fashion, styling and travel.

In an interview with the Free Press Journal, Kritika opened up about fashion blogging and why it remains one of the best decisions of her life. “I was a little skeptical in the beginning about my career in blogging since initially it wasn’t that big and there were very few bloggers, but I stuck to it with passion. In the beginning, people would talk behind my back for what I was doing but with time and all the hard work, it all fell into place,” she added.

In April 2022, Kritika married Aditya Chhabra in a dreamy wedding whose photographs and videos went viral on the internet. However, rumours about their separation after Aditya deleted all the posts including Kritika from his Facebook account.

She allegedly talked about her marriage and wrote in the statement, “To be honest, life has been unfair to me recently. For the first couple of months, I chose to ignore and sacrificed my happiness because I constantly kept thinking of what the world will say.” Khurana claimed that after two months of her marriage, she decided that she had had enough. She thanked the people who supported her in this tough decision and time and asked her fans to respect her decision of keeping things private as they were still sensitive.


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