Social Media Influencer Kritika Khurana Announces Separation From Husband

Social media influencer Kritika Khurana aka thatbohogirl, announced on October 12 that she will be separating from her husband Aditya Chhabra.

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kritika khurana separates from husband
Kritika Khurana goes by the Instagram handle 'thatbohogirl' and gained a following of 1.7 million on the social media platform. Khurana got married to her boyfriend Aditya Chhabra in a dreamy wedding in April 2022.

Social media influencer Kritika Khurana aka 'that boho girl' addressed the rumours regarding her and her husband's separation. Rumours about the couple facing issues in their marriage started making rounds recently and Khurana took to her Instagram to clarify things officially. Recently, Aditya Chhabra deleted all the posts on his Facebook account that included Kritika Khurana. These posts included his wedding pictures and teasers which anticipated the fans that something was going on.

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Kritika Khurana Separates From Husband

On October 12, Kritika Khurana posted on Instagram, "I know a lot of already know, but I wanted you to hear from me, since you've been such a big part of my journey for 8 years now. I've decided to separate and this decision has been harder than anything else I have ever had to do". She confirmed her separation from her husband Aditya Chhabra after six months of marriage.


She allegedly talked about her marriage and wrote, "To be honest, life has been unfair to me recently. For the first couple of months, I chose to ignore and sacrifice my happiness because I constantly kept thinking of what the world will say." Khurana claimed that after two months of her marriage, she decided that she had had enough. She thanked the people who supported her in this tough decision and time and asked her fans to respect her decision of keeping things private as they were still sensitive.

At the end of her post, she said that she still is a romantic, hinting that she has not lost all faith in the idea of love. She called it a difficult phase for her and her family and said that she will be closing this chapter of her life forever.

Kritika Khurana married Aditya Chhabra in a dreamy wedding that included Sukhmani Sahib Path, Mata ki chowki, engagement, dhol night, Mehendi and Haldi. The wedding attire, photographs and videos of the couple went viral on the internet making the wedding the talk of Instagram.

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