Who Is Keerthi Jalli? IAS Officer Goes Viral For Doing Her Job In Flood-Hit Assam

Keerthi Jalli is the first woman Deputy Commissioner of Hailakandi district, which is southern Assam since its formation in 1989.

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who is keerthi jalli
Who is Keerthi Jalli? The Deputy Commissioner of Cachar in Assam Keerthi Jalli visited the areas which were flood-hit in the district and a picture from there has gone viral on social media. The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer was seen wading through the mud in order to inspect the issues.

This is not Jalli's first time making headlines for being dedicated to her work and going one extra mile to ensure the safety and welfare of the people living in her district. Considering that it is monsoon season and most of the areas in Assam turn out to be hot by floods, Jalli visited these areas.

The images from the visit were posted on Twitter with the caption, "Madam Deputy Commissioner inspected the flood & erosion affected areas of Chesri GP, Village-Chutrasangan under Borkhola Dev. Block, on foot where she interacted with local people to understand their problems due to this flood & erosion and instructed concerned officials to put in place all measures to protection of land from flood and erosion."

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Who Is Keerthi Jalli?


The tweet added, "Later, she distributed relief items among the flood-affected people. She also inspected the relief measures including provision of pure and safe drinking water etc. being provided to the flood-affected people in relief camps and other places."

People on social media appreciated her effort taken by her. Some called it regular as it is her duty to be conducting these inspections, while others applauded her for taking her job seriously. One user wrote, "Appreciate your dedication and effort for evaluating the grim situations of flood-affected people. Respect comes from the core of my heart after watching the photos. Thank you ma'am for showing your kindness, humanity and showing love for the people."

While another user prompted in and said, "Wats (what) the big fuss about it? She is doing her duty which she is bound to do."

Jalli is the first woman Deputy Commissioner of Hailakandi district, which is southern Assam since its formation in 1989. Other than the flood inspection and constant checks, she is known for promoting menstrual hygiene as well.

She has won multiple awards for her works. In 2020, she was awarded the title of the Best Administrative Performer for her initiatives to develop remote districts in the state.

Feature Image Credit: India Today

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