Meet Hafiza, Kashmiri Girl Who Turned Reporter In Viral Video On Bad Roads

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All about the Kashmiri girl who turned reporter in viral video: For the last few days, a video has been going viral on the Internet, in which a little girl is seen playing the role of a reporter and taking the viewers through the lanes of Kashmir while talking about the poor condition of roads in the area. Ever since many have been asking who this little journalist is, that has raised such a relevant issue in the most innocent way possible. We now finally have an answer.

Meet five-year-old Hafiza, who is the daughter of Bilal Ahmad Khan and Shaista Hilal from Kashmir. This superstar features in a 2.08 minute-long video shot on a mobile phone, pointing at the potholes and the difficulty in commuting through the roads.

According to her mother, the now viral video was shot by her mother and it was Hafiza who directed her mom on where to focus. “I just started shooting on mobile phone on her request. Hafiza was guiding me where to move the camera as it could be heard in the video,” Shaista said.

According to a report by India Today, Hafiza has started going to school only recently.

What makes Hafiza’s video so special

Itni gandi road hai ki mehman bhi nahi aa sakte (the road is so bad that guests also cannot come)” the little Kashmiri reporter can be heard saying in the video while complaining about how poor the roads in her area were in shambles.

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She also showed how people were dumping garbage on the roads and shouted in the video, “sab gandha ho gaya hai (the neighbourhood has become dirty).”

The viral video of the little reporter was posted BY Sajid Yousuf Shah on Twitter captioned “Meet Youngest reporter from the Kasmir Valley”

The Kashmiri girl seems to be very enthusiastic as she asks her views to “like, share and subscribe” while she promises to meet the views in her next video.

The video has been viewed by more than one lakh people. Perhaps why the Internet is in awe of the video is that not many have the courage or interest in calling out poor facilities in their area. And here we have a five-year-old who also questions people for not keeping their surroundings clean. The manor in which Hafiza has done so, pretending to be a reporter, only makes it more endearing.

A similar video went viral in 2021 when six-year-old Mahiru Irfan of Kashmir valley addressed the Prime Minister of India asking for a cap on the duration of online classes. The video made Irfan famous overnight. Several media persons flocked near her house to get a soundbite of her.

The video had caught the attention of Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, who directed the School Education Department to come out with a policy in 48 hours to ease the burden of homework on the school students.