Who Is Frances Haugen? Facebook Whistleblower To Appear Before US Congress

Who Is Frances Haugen Facebook Whistleblower, who is Frances Haugen
Who Is Frances Haugen: The former employee of Facebook is going to appear before US Congress on Tuesday. Haugen appeared in a 60 Minutes interview and was identified as the woman who had anonymously filed complaints with the federal law enforcement against Facebook, alleging that the company’s own research shows how it “magnifies hate and misinformation”

The data scientist claimed that whenever there was a conflict between the public good and what would benefit the company, Facebook would choose its own interest. She is set to testify before Congress on Tuesday.

Who Is Frances Haugen? Here’s What We Know Of Her:

  • Haugen worked at Google and Pinterest before joining Facebook in 2019. She had asked to work in a department of the company that deals with misinformation. As per reports, she had lost a friend to online conspiracy theories.
  • Frances Haugen, aged 37 is from Iowa and has a degree in computer engineering along with a Master’s degree in business from Harvard, the same university Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, graduated from.
  • So far, Haugen has filed around eight complaints with the US security regulators, alleging that Facebook has violated laws by posing risks to social networking and misinformation, and for withholding information on this. 60 Minutes reported that Facebook could even take legal action against Haugen if it asserts that she stole its confidential information.
  • She said, in a statement that no one at the company is malevolent, but their incentives are misaligned. She further explained how the more content users consume, the more money Facebook makes.
  • In the interview, Haugen claimed that Facebook had repeatedly shown that it chooses profit over safety. She also said that it had turned off safeguards meant to thwart misinformation during the election time. She alleged that Facebook contributed to the deadly invasion of the US Capitol on January 6 and that Facebook is not investing enough to keep from it being a dangerous platform.

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