Who Is Ayesha Mukherjee? Former Boxer Divorces Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan

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Who is Ayesha Mukherjee? Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan and Australian-Indian boxer Ayesha Mukherjee have separated after eight years of marriage. The revelation was made by Mukherjee herself on Instagram. “I thought divorce was a dirty word until I became a 2 time divorcee,” she wrote in the caption of her post.

Dhawan and Mukherjee got married in 2012, together, they are parents to a son named Zoraver. As per reports the couple met on Facebook and found that cricketer Harbhajan Singh was a mutual friend. After being friends for some time and then dating for a while, the couple got married in a traditional Punjabi wedding. When the couple had their son together, Mukherjee’s daughter from her former marriage was reportedly 15-years-old.

When Dhawan was asked about his marriage to Mukherjee, he had said, “It wasn’t difficult at all. Joh cheez kudrat se hoti hai woh ekdum aapki zindagi mein dhal jaati hain. Meri kismet mein thi meri do betiyaan, toh woh ekdum se meri zindagi mein aa gayi. It just clicked. Today, the way they love me, I feel so fortunate.”

Dhawan had also adopted Mukherjee’s two daughters from her previous marriage. She mentioned in her post, dated September 7, that when her second marriage broke down it was really scary. “All the feelings I felt when I went through it the first time came flooding in,” she wrote.

Ayesha Mukherjee further added that once she went through the necessary actions and emotions of what had happened she was able to sit with herself and see that she was fine. In fact, she said, she was actually doing great. Mukherjee further noted, “The remarkable thing is I actually felt much more empowered.”

Who is Ayesha Mukherjee?

The 46-year-old was born in West Bengal, however, she moved to Australia at the age of eight. She now holds an Australian citizenship. The Melbourne-based trained kickboxer is known to have played the sport on both national and international level.

As Mukherjee revealed in her post, her first marriage hadn’t worked out too. She was previously married to an Australian businessman, with whom she had her two daughters- Aliyah and Rhea.

Ayesha Mukherjee has Anglo-Indian roots, being born to an Indian father and a British mother. In a post last month Mukherjee had opened up about being a survivor of sexual abuse. “IN THAT EXACT MOMENT THINGS CHANGED FOREVER… My whole world flipped upside down and I was never ever going to be the same again,” she wrote.

She has previously revealed that she faced social stigma for being married twice. “People have asked me how I feel now that I have had two failed marriages,” adding that she had also been asked if she considered herself a failure. “Back in the day I would have reacted and given back some emotional response. However, I was able to hear the questions and truly see it from their perspective,” Mukherjee added in her post.

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