Who Is TikTok's Aunt Karen Receiving Death Threats For Calling Out Racism?

All to know about who is Aunt Karen and why she has made headlines for calling out racism at a firm in Texas.

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Who is Aunt Karen: Popular Tiktok influencer and content creator Denise Bradley, better known by her social media username Aunt Karen, has alleged she is receiving death threats from the husband of a woman she has accused of racism online.

Bradley's 'racist of the day' videos are a staple fan favourite on her TikTok profile, in which she calls out popular persons with problematic, discriminatory views. A strong advocate of the Black Lives Matter movement and queer rights, the intent behind Bradley's brand of content on social media is "exposing bigots," as per her bio.

One of the latest figures in the corporate world Bradley took on was Eileen Cure, LPL advisor of Cure and Associates in Texas. According to her videos, employees at Cure's company alleged via screenshots that she insisted on hiring "no Blacks."

Cure further said, as quoted in reports that she was "not a prejudiced person but our clients are 90 percent white and I need to cater to them."

All To Know About Who Is Aunt Karen And Why She Is Making Headlines

After Bradley's videos with these allegations went viral online, she claimed to have received death threats from Cure's husband. "Tell that Tiktoker to come down here to Texas, and I’ll put her in a grave," were the man's words, she claims.

Bradley as 'Aunt Karen' on TikTok has over a million followers who are now rallying behind her over the controversy with the alleged death threats coming her way.

After Cure's husband's "grave" remark, Bradley tweeted she was concerned for her safety and in follow-up tweets informed she had moved to an "undisclosed location."


A fundraiser created in her name by a friend mentions that to ensure her and her family's safety, Bradley has vacated her home. Being only a public figure and social activist, she might need funds to defend herself as reports emerge of legal action at the end of the Cures.

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