Excited For Anupamaa Prequel? Here’s Where To Watch Namaste America

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Where to watch Namaste America? Namaste America is a prequel to the ongoing show Anupamaa headlined by Rupali Ganguly. The show is about a woman’s journey through marriage, divorce, career and remarriage. She is seen as docile by society but has more courage and is outspoken than many misogynistic minds can imagine.

The prequel to the existing show is about what happened 17 years ago and will reportedly show the viewers of incidents that took place at the time and how it has influenced the life of Anupamaa that we can see in the TV serial. Ever since the serial commenced on air, it became people’s favourite. It catered to all demography and slyly took the narration away from the usual television show dramas.

It spoke about a middle-aged woman stepping out and leading her life on her own terms. It shows her desires and aspiration, while also highlighting the societal nonsense that a woman goes through. The cast includes Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, Gaurav Khanna and Madalsa Pandey in pivotal roles.

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The main plotline of the show is around Anupamaa who has been a housemaker for 25 years. She decides to take the reins of her life, step out and follows the dreams that she had nurtured over time. It also shows her dealing with the knowledge of her husband’s infidelity and her decision to divorce him.

In the show Namaste America, there will be eleven episodes and it will be showing a younger Anupamaa and her life back then. The prequel will focus on the early years of her marriage and the issues arising at the time.

On the show, Ganguly had said, “Anupamaa is a character that has seen me grow as an actor and a woman. It brings me immense joy to see Hotstar Specials presents Anupamaa-Namaste America, becoming the first show to run parallelly alongside a running television show.”

Where To Watch Namaste America

The promo of the prequel was shared by Disney+Hotstar on their Instagram feed. It will be streaming online only from April 25 this year.