Dialogues From Viral Anupamaa Monologue That Will Resonate With Every Woman

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Hit television show Anupamma is often praised by viewers for stepping away from the otherwise misogynistic and random content that most Hindi-language serials end up showing. Starring Rupali Ganguly in the lead as Anupamaa the show revolved around the life of a woman, who is a mother and a divorcee, but her identity is not limited to that. She is struggling to stand up on her feet, is career-focused and often mirrors the way women are treated behind closed doors.

The show highlights the many shortcomings of the society that we live in and does not refrain from portraying the utter dismissal of women and their opinions in Indian households. However, the daily soap also challenges social norms as it shows Anupamaa step out of her house and build a career for herself. Despite being criticised for upholding the very stereotypes it intends to break many times, Anupamaa has cemented itself as a fan favourite.

One of the reasons for that is Anupamaa’s chemistry with Anuj Kapadia, played by Gaurav Khanna. After a long period of courtship and sanskari flirtation, Anupamaa and Anuj are set to tie the knot soon. As expected, this news is not well received by Anupamaa’s ex-husband, children and in-laws. Berating Anupamaa for her decision to remarry, her former mother-in-law says, “Dadi ki shadi nahi sakti (Grandmother cannot marry).”

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Viral Anupamaa Monologue wows viewers

Post the altercation, Anupamaa sheds her docile demeanour and forces her so-called parivaar to see their hypocrisy and utter lack of respect for her. In the last few days, this monologue by Anupamaa where she finally gives it back to her family has taken over the internet. Even if she is not a fan of the show, some of the dialogues will surely resonate with every Indian mom.

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Hit daily soap Anupamaa gets a prequel.

Here are the best Anupamaa dialogues form Rupali Ganguly’s viral monologue:

Mard haat utaye to bhi chalta hai par auraat agar awaz uthaye toh baat chub jaati hai. (It is okay for a man to raise his hand, but if a woman raises his voice, it hurts.)

– The burden of being the epitome of a family’s pride, why cannot she just live her life?

– Mothers are considered to be docile. After a certain age, they are asked to live for their children. But why so? They are humans with desire, why cannot they live for themselves?

– Mothers listen to their families. No, why should they? Whether a woman can get married again or not is not her family’s decision to make.

– Live in an unhappy relationship because breaking free from it will have a bad effect on the children. No, getting away from unhappiness will only make your children happy.

– Mothers are divine and thus need to be perfect according to societal standards. Not at all, they do not owe anything to society and let’s treat them as humans than create the image of God in her.

Maine embarassment nahi hun. Aaj tak maine aisa koi kaam nahi kiya hai jisse apko mujpe and mujhe apne aap pe sharminda hona paare. (I am not an embarassment. Till date, I have done no such thing due to which you or I have to be ashamed of me.)

– The hypocrisy in a family. The desire to be modern and urban when outside the house and a tendency to go back to the traditional way of thought for women when in the house.

Bahar k logo ka dukh k tumlogo ko rona ajaata hai lekin aangan mein kadhi hui Maa nahi dikhai deti? Uka dukh, uske aasnsu nahi dikhae dete tumlogo ko (You people feel bad for outsiders but can’t see your mother’s suffering? Can’t you see her sadness, her tears)?