Wondering When Is “The First Lady” Episode 2 Releasing? Know Here

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A political drama show which highlights the struggles of the wives of various United States Presidents, The First Lady recently made its OTT debut. The show follows three First Ladies of the US, the challenges they went through being married to a President and how the tenure took a toll on them. The drama show outlines the lives of Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford and Michelle Obama during their stay at the White House.

The First Lady premiered on April 17, 2022, on the original network Showtime. The drama series is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Susanne Bier as her first biographical project. This anthology series feature actor Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt, Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford and Viola Davis as Michelle Obama along with Kiefer Sutherland as Franklin D Roosevelt, Aaron Eckhart as Gerald Ford and OT Fagbenle as Barack Obama.

Speaking about the first ladies portrayed in the series, Bier said, “What was striking to me was the fact was they realized how to navigate within the White House without actually having a political position, and became much more influential than one would have thought.” She further added on the relevance of the show saying, “Yes, our society has changed, history has changed. But it still is very much a man’s world we are living in, which is way I find it incredibly important to do (such) a show.”

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The First Lady is a historical fiction that attempts to assert the first ladies as ambitious and strong women in their own right who helped and supported their husbands to achieve their dreams while also asserting the importance of their position. Along with the intimate relationships they shared with their husbands, the show also reflects upon their role in their husband’s success. The official synopsis of the show reads, “Exploring everything from their journeys to Washington, family life, and world-changing political contributions, the impact of the White House’s women is no longer hidden from view.”

As announced previously in 2019, the show will be a three-part series consisting of hour-long episodes each.

The First Lady Episode 2 Release Date

The First Lady Episode 2 release date is set for April 24, 2022. The episode is titled Voices Carry and will come out on Showtime as well as Voot Select.

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