Was Called Dusky Beauty: Anjali Patil Opens Up On Struggle In Early Part Of Her Career Due To Skin Tone

Anjali Patil

Actor Anjali Patil has recalled that she had to struggle during the early part of her career due to he skin colour. She went out to point that the approach has now changed.

Talking about the inclusivity in films and web series, Patil, who will be seen in late Sumitra Bhave‘s last film Dithee, said that earlier people would call her ‘unconventional beauty’ and at that time, she could not understand what it meant.

“There was a time when people called me unconventional beauty, dusky beauty, and I was like iska maane kya? Now I see different skin-tones coming in and brands going for it because it’s cool. I think why did I had to struggle so much. But then this is how it is. Things evolve and change,” she said.

The Newton actor said that when the OTT culture came in, the cinema lover in her became a little grumpy. She wanted her films to release in theatres but now she appreciated the fact that there are endless possibilities. According to Patil, OTT gave space to individual artists all over the world. “Regional cinema does that more because the stakes are low. There is nothing like ‘itna paisa kamana hi hai’. It turns out to be absolute blessing,” she continued.

Anjali Patil elaborated upon the functioning of the different film industries and how everything is eventually a small part of one big process. After she worked in the movie Chakravyuh, things like wearing high heels, putting on makeup and socialising were thrown at her. She didn’t enjoy all of this. Coming from NSD, she wanted to focus on her craft and read books. It took her a while to understand the utility of all this and how everything is connected. “But in last 3-4 years everything about the industry has changed. With YouTube, Instagram, influencers and you’re like either you evolve or extinct”.

Anjali Patil has worked in films like Mere Pyaare Prime Minister, The Silence, Kaala, Kill The Rapist? etc.

Suhana Khan on Colourism

In Sep 2020, Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan took to her Instagram handle to speak up on how she was called ‘ugly’ by full-grown men and women. “I’ve been told I’m ugly because if my skin tone, by full grown men and women, since I was 12 years old. Other than the fact that these are actual adults, what’s sad is that we are all Indian, which automatically makes us brown,” she wrote.

Khan further said that no matter how much we try, we cannot distance ourselves from the melanin. Hating on one’s own people just means that one is painfully insecure. She concluded her note saying, “I’m sorry if social media, Indian matchmaking or even your families have convinced you, that if you are not 5″7 and fair, you’re not beautiful. I hope it helps to know that I’m 5″3 and brown and I am extremely happy about it and you should be too”. Read more on it here

Image source: The Week

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