Virginia Oliver 101-Year-Old Lobsterwoman Refuses To Retire From Her Job

Virginia Oliver, the 101-year-old lobsterwoman in Maine, United States does not like retired life. Oliver started with this profession of lobster trapping at the time of the great depression of 1929 and hasn’t stopped ever since.

While most would expect a comfortable and silent life with their family at her age, Oliver doesn’t want to embrace a retired life. A resident of South Thomaston in Knox County, Maine, she is a veteran lobster trapper having spent more than 90 years doing the same.

Oliver is also a mother of two boys now aged 78 and 79. She continues to get out to the open sea at least three times a week between May and November to secure a catch. Now, she is one of the oldest lobster trappers in the world.

As per reports, the woman has endured seven stitches, having injured herself. However, Oliver’s scares and falls never let her down and she continues doing what she has been doing since the age of eight. It was the time of the Great Depression in America when she started trapping lobsters.

Speaking to a news daily, Oliver said, “I grew up with this. It’s not hard work for me. It might be for somebody else, but not me,” concerning her difficult job.

There Weren’t Any Women In Lobstering When She First Started

In an interview with Boston Globe, Oliver mentioned that there weren’t many women in the profession when she first started. She used to go out with her husband in all kinds of weather to secure a catch. She feels that now there is not much lobster left They are “overfished, like everything else.”

Oliver’s sons assist their mother and don’t have any plans for retirement either. One of the sons, Max, drives the boat and pulls the catches from the water while the other one assists in other active and strenuous jobs.

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