Veda Krishnamurthy Writes Her World Has Gone “Upside Down” After Sister & Mother’s Demise

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Veda Krishnamurthy Note: Indian cricketer took to her official Twitter account to share a heartfelt note after her sister succumbed to COVID-19 weeks after her mother did. She mentioned in the tweet that she always had a very big ego for having two mothers “but guess ego is never too good for anyone.”

Veda Krishnamurthy lost two of her family members to coronavirus. Krishnamurthy’s sister passed away earlier this month on May 6 and her mother passed away earlier in April. On May 10, she took to Twitter and shared a heartfelt tribute to the lost family members and reminded her fans to abide by all necessary protocols.

Veda Krishnamurthy Sister Succumbs To COVID- She Was Her “Ego”

Krishnamurthy’s note read, “The last few days have been very heartbreaking to all of us at home. I never imagined I would be seeing this day knowing that you both are not with me, it breaks my heart.”

She described her mother as “the most beautiful”, “happy” and “selfless person” she ever knew. The cricketer claims her mother taught her to be as practical as she can in every situation, Further, she affectionately wrote for her sister, whom she called ‘Akka’, “I know I was your most favourite person. You are a fighter, have inspired me to never let go till the last minute.”

She continued “I always had a very big ego that I have two mothers but guess ego is never too good for anyone. ”

She described the last few days she spent with them as relaxing and she never imagined that would be their last and wrote that her world has gone “upside down” after they left her.

Krishnamurthy said that although her family did everything right and followed the protocols, the virus found its way.

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