This Is What Trisha Kar Madhu Has To Say About Backlash Over Her Viral Video

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Trisha Kar Madhu reaction to trolling: Bhojpuri actor Trisha Kar Madhu is facing immense backlash after an intimate video of her with her boyfriend went viral on social media. The video was not only massively shared online, it also led to Madhu being severely trolled. In a recent post, she asked help from a Bhojpuri star named Pawan Singh. The actor also went on to call the entire incident a “mistake” on her part.

Madhu’s video that went viral this week featured her in a compromising position with her boyfriend. The actor went on to reveal later that it had been shot by her. However, she added that it was shared online without her consent. Addressing the people who circulated her personal video, the actor said she couldn’t believe that there are such people (who made her private video viral) in Bihar. “If your sister gets married and the next day, someone leaks her first-night video, it will be good right?” she asked.

It remains unclear as to how Madhu’s video came into circulation, but the actor went on to request people to stop forwarding it and delete it if they ever received the said clip. Madhu then posted a call for help to actor Pawan Singh. She used a photograph of the actor in the post and clarified, “I am asking Pawan Singh for help, thus I have used a picture with him. He is the only one in the Bhojpuri film industry who can help me.”

But Madhu’s post only unleashed a fresh wave of trolling in the matter. Responding to the trolls the actor said, “If you can’t help then at least don’t abuse, I accept that I made a grave mistake.”

Who is Trisha Kar Madhu?

Hailing from West Bengal, Madhu started her career as a model. She began her film career with Bengali films and eventually moved to Bhojpuri cinema. Hum Hai Hindustani marked her debut in the Bhojpuri entertainment industry. The actor will soon be seen in projects like Dulhan Ganga Paar Ke, Jaani Dushman and Mukaddar.

Following her MMS clip, another video featuring the actor went viral too. However, this is not a personal video of the actor but a song titled Jokhal Hawe Mor Balamua, sung by Ankush Raja and written by Gardah Siyadih. The video went viral within hours of being released.

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