Who Is Priyanka Pandit? Private Videos Of Another Bhojpuri Actor Go Viral

All you should know about who is Priyanka Pandit, the Bhojpuri actor whose videos are going viral. She has refuted claims it is her in the circulating clips.

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Priyanka Pandit MMS Leak
Who is Priyanka Pandit: After private videos of Trisha Kar Madhu with her partner were leaked and went viral online, another Bhojpuri star is facing a similar experience. According to reports, certain old videos purportedly of Priyanka Pandit have resurfaced and are being circulated widely on social media.

Pandit had reportedly denied the videos, that went viral some time back, were of her and said the woman was someone else.

While fans of the Bhojpuri actor await word from her on the controversy, she continues to be active on social media sharing reels and photos featuring herself. One such post she recently made on Instagram is being taken by some followers as her response to the viral videos.

Alongside a solo photo of herself, Pandit wrote Tuesday: "Silence is the best response when you are dealing with idiots."

who is priyanka pandit Image: Priyanka Pandit / Instagram

5 Things To Know About Who Is Priyanka Pandit

1. The 20-something actor made her debut in films with Jeena Teri Gali Me in 2013, for which she reportedly won an award as a newcomer in the Bhojpuri industry.


2. Pandit also popularly appears in Bhojpuri songs with top actors. Her most famous tracks include Lela Sawad Raja and Kajar Lagailee, while films Judwaa 2 and Banoo Main Teri Dulhan have both been audience hits.

3. She is also a prominent social media figure with over 628K followers on Instagram with whom she shares snaps from her films, life, travels and fashion blogs.

4. Pandit is among Bhojpuri female actors like Trisha Kar Madhu who have come under attacks and trolling on social media for purported MMS leaks.

5. Limited information about the case is available currently. Pandit has however alleged her image is being tarnished with the circulation of such videos, as per reports.

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