These Five Actors Were Trolled for Viral MMS Videos

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Viral MMS Videos have become a reason for actors to be trolled. The film industry might appear glamorous and glittery on the surface but has dark secrets hidden within. Ever since the internet came into being, we have seen how dangerous a place it can be. This particularly applies to women, especially if they are renowned personalities. Misogynists on the internet keep seeking for opportunities to shame women. The moment they receive a controversial content, they start trolling celebrities and pulling them down. One such content could be the viral MMS videos of our favourite actors.

Five actors trolled for viral MMS videos

1. Trisha Kar Madhu

Recently, Bhojpuri actor Trisha Kar made it to the headlines after one of her private videos got leaked. In the video, she was seen with her partner in a compromising position. Soon after, netizens started trolling and shaming her for the ‘indecent’ act. Though she admitted that it was she who filmed the video, she didn’t know that someone would backstab her by leaking it on the internet. Madhu requested everyone to delete the video. But she was blamed for making it at the first place.

2. Priyanka Pandit

After Madhu, Bhojpuri actor Priyanka Pandit’s private video started making rounds on the internet. As per reports, the video is an old one but has resurfaced the social media platforms. Pandit has reportedly claimed that its not her in the video but her lookalike. The actor believes that someone has conspired against her to defame her. In order to avoid being trolled, she has restricted comments on Instagram. Read more here.

3. Radhika Apte

Few years ago, an intimate scene from Radhika Apte’s movie Parched went viral. She got brutally trolled and couldn’t step out for for days. It was not because of the media but because her driver, watchman and even her stylist’s driver recognised her from the images. Earlier this month, a still from the same scene featuring Apte and Adil Hussain started circulating on social media. Twitter users blamed the actor for “tarnishing Indian culture” and started the trend #BoycottRadhikaApte. Read more on it here.

4. Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor and her Jab We Met co-star were once a famous Bollywood couple. An infamous scandal took place when an intimate video of the two was leaked online. However, the actors stated that the MMS was doctored and slapped legal notices on the Mumbai-based tabloid that published it.

5. Riya Sen

In 2005, an MMS video of actor Riya Sen and her then boyfriend Ashmit Patel went viral. Sen didn’t know how to handle the situation. But she was overwhelmed by the support she got from the people around her. Though she was scared about facing her parents, they helped her overcome the situation. It was a bad phase in her life and she wants to forget it.

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