Diana Steals The Show, Prince Charles Miscasted? Twitter Reacts To ‘The Crown’ 5

the crown season 5 review
The Crown season 5 was released on Netflix on November 9 and the netizens who watched it were quick to react on Twitter. The new season focuses on the aftermath of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce and the personal and political turmoils of the royal family.

Season 5 of Netflix’s popular series The Crown, which follows the life and rule of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, was released on November 9. The story focused on the time period between 1991 to 1997 which featured the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the tension and differences between the royals and Diana and her quest to bring the truth behind the facade of the royal family. Season 5 featured an entirely new cast with Imelda Staunton, Elizabeth Debicki, Dominic West and Olivia Williams in pivotal roles. Here’s what Twitter felt about the new season.

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The Crown Season 5 Twitter Reactions

Season 5 revealed a lot about what happened inside the walls of the British royal family and the audience was not pleased by it. A Twitter user wrote, “just started the crown season 5 and once again, i still hate charles”. However, the netizens did not seem impressed by the casting of the season. They pointed out how actors Jonny Lee Miller and Dominic West don’t look like their characters John Major and Prince Charles respectively. A Twitter user wrote, “The casting of season 5 of the Crown just…doesn’t work. The characters feel flat and uninteresting. The only one they got spot on is Diana. Hugely dissapointed”

Netizens compared The Crown season 5 with real-life footage of Princess Diana and praised Elizabeth Debicki’s portrayal of her and how the original interviews and incidents from her life were aptly re-created. A Twitter user wrote in her praise, “elizabeth debicki is so real for granting princess diana permission to posses her body for #TheCrown season 5″. They also praised the character growth of Prince Phillip portrayed in the new season.

A special mention went to Salem Daw’s portrayal of Mohammed Al-Fayed and the representation of his story in episode 2 of the season. This Twitter user summarised it as, “Honestly, The Crown Season 5 episode 3 “Mou Mou” should be a 2-hour movie adaptation about Mohamed Al Fayed rise to power and his dynamics with Sydney Johnson while reminiscing his previous service to Duke of Windsor. I need more from this episode ugh”.

While some netizens were invested in the plot and the history of the royals, there were some people who found the season extremely boring. A Twitter user wrote, “The Crown 5 so far boring and slow! Disappointed” Tell us how you felt about season 5 of The Crown in the comment section and stay tuned for more.