Princess Diana Vs The Royals : ‘The Crown’ Season 5 Trailer Out

the crown season 5 trailer
The Crown is a Netflix drama that is based on the journey of Queen Elizabeth II from being coronated as the monarch to becoming the longest-ruling British ruler, tracing her history from the early 20th century to the 21st century.

Season 5 of Netflix’s much-loved and anticipated series The Crown is coming soon and the trailer for it was released on October 20. As expected by the audience, the season will take us through the turmoils that the royal family went through during the ugly separation of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. The first four seasons featured the Queen’s marriage, coronation, the Suez Canal incidents and Prince Charles’s wedding with Princess Diana.

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The Crown Season 5 Trailer

The trailer begins 10 years after the events mentioned in season four. As the Queen approaches 40 years of her reign, she faces political as well as personal turbulence which affects the royal family and its public image immensely. The Soviet Union is collapsing and so is Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage, bringing trouble from outside as well as inside for Queen Elizabeth. As Prince Charles persuades his mother to divorce Princess Diana, the Princess Of Wales is not ready to be silent anymore.

The season will focus on Princess Diana’s decision to take control of her life and bring the real face of the royal family by writing a book to depict what all she went through. The story will also focus on Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’s relationship. As this will be the fifth season, the cast will be changed and Imelda Staunton will be seen playing the role of Queen Elizabeth. Other cast members include Dominic West as Prince Charles, Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana, Khalid Abdalla as Dodi Fayed and Olivia Williams as Camilla Parker Bowles.

The new season will also feature both the princes, Prince William, played by Rufus Kampa, and Prince Harry, played by Will Powell. The story will reportedly show a glimpse of the budding romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton, played by Meg Bellamy. Season 5 of the show will be coming to Netflix on November 9, 2022.