Ten Things To Know About Flipkart’s ‘Kaun? Who Did It?’ Season 2

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Flipkart Kaun Who Did It: At the beginning of this year, Guneet Monga, an award-winning producer partnered with Flipkart Video and developed a one of a kind interactive crime thriller series named, Kaun? Who Did It?

The second season of the show was launched on May 24 this year after its announcement on Flipkart’s Youtube channel.

Here are 10 things we know about season 2 of Kaun? Who Did It?:

1. The interactive fictional crime-thriller show follows the story of retired ex-cop, Adi Bhagat, who becomes a private detective, and his protégé inspector Malini.

2. The show has a new murder case every day and Adi and Malini go through the case details, do suspect interrogations and find evidence.

3. The crime-thriller show allows its audience to play detective and guess the killer before it is revealed by Adi, and the person to guess it right can win prizes from Flipkart.

4. The second season of the show dives further into Adi and Malini’s shared past.

5. Actor Sushant Singh who plays Aadi Bhagat, commented on the second season of the show saying that the show gets only bigger and better this time around, and there are a number of unexpected twists and turn in the show that’ll keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

6. Samvedna Suwalka, who is seen in the role of Malini also talked about the second season of the show and said that she is a fan of Monga and feels that it’s an honour to work with her.

7. Suwalka also added that shooting for season two of the show has been a roller coaster journey because the show takes unexpected turns as it goes ahead.

8. The location of the interactive crime-thriller series is set in Mumbai in all of its episodes.

9. The series is produced by Guneet Monga’s production house Sikhya Entertainment.

10. The show was announced for the first time using an optical illusion teaser through Flipkart Video’s Youtube on December 26 last year.