When Shweta Tiwari Opened Up On Facing Domestic Violence

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Shweta Tiwari domestic violence case: Actor Shweta Tiwari recently posted a video on Instagram asking women to not stay silent if they are facing domestic abuse. “I know a lot of women around me are victims of domestic violence, who are quiet against it because they are scared that if they break their silence, what will happen to their kids?” she said in the video.

She also opened up about her own ordeal, advising her daughter Palak to speak up against any form of violence. “If you won’t fight your battle, people won’t trust your truth. They won’t help you. Whatever I have learned in my life, the experiences I have had, I want you to learn from them. Be strong,” Tiwari said. This is however not the first time the Kasautii Zindagi Kay actor has addressed dealing with alleged domestic abuse, due to which she walked out of two marriages.

Tiwari married television actor Abhinav Kohli in 2013, after divorcing her first husband Raja Chaudhary in 2007. In 2019, Tiwari filed a complaint against Kohli, for allegedly abusing her daughter, Palak.

“There was an infection which was hurting me badly, I got it removed. People thought it was my hand, part of my body, but they need to understand it was poisonous and I had to take it out. And now, I am healthy again. Don’t think I am trying to portray myself happy, I am actually happy,” Tiwari said about the incident and reported separation from Kohli.

Tiwari’s daughter Palak went on to clarify in an Instagram post that while her stepfather had never molested her or touched her inappropriately, he did “persistently make inappropriate and disturbing remarks the impact of which is only known to my mother and me, and if any woman from any walk of life were to hear them she would be greatly embarrassed and provoked too.” Palak Tiwari later deleted the post.

Tiwari got married to Raja Chaudhary in 1999, when she was just 19-years old. “I was too young to understand that he was not the right guy for me,” she later said in an interview, adding, “I should have waited for some more years to take a call on marriage.” She also revealed that the separation battle with her first husband lasted for nearly six years, adding that her young daughter witnessed the abuse that she faced at hands of Chaudhary. In the interview, that took place in 2012, Tiwari said, “Palak, who has just turned 12 on eighth of this month, has witnesses atrocities doled out to me by her father; he has beaten me up and harassed me many times in front of her.”

In her recent Instagram post addressing domestic abuse, Shweta Tiwari urged women to not suffer in silence. “I know a lot of women around me are victims of domestic violence, who are quiet against it because they are scared that if they break their silence, what will happen to their kids? But remember, your kids are learning from you every day. If you stay quiet, they will learn to remain silent. They will end up going through domestic violence. If you take a step, your kids will learn the difference between right and wrong, and grow stronger in life.”

Speaking about her decision to move out of abusive marriages, she said, “A lot of people said a lot of things to me. Even now they tell me I should have thought about my kids, my daughter. But because of what I did, my daughter has grown to be sensible, intelligent and strong. She understood the good and the bad.”

Image Credit: Shweta Tiwari/ Instagram

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