Neha Dhupia to Sameera Reddy: Bollywood Women Who Are Showing Off Their Grey Hair

These Bollywood women are depicting how prevailing beauty standards should not dictate how women choose to look as they sport their whites with ease and confidence.

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Showing Off Grey Hair: Platinum greys are all over social media, attracting attention, making a style statement, and snubbing millennia of ageism directed against women.

While, male actors like Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, and Milind Soman have served as torchbearers for the salt-and-pepper style now these Bollywood women are not falling behind as they proudly flaunt their greys with unfettered elan. 

Sameera Reddy 

Sameera Reddy went from being trolled to becoming an inspiration, and her body positivity posts on Instagram have garnered praises from many fans and followers. A full-time mom, Sameera says that although a lot of people went after her white hair, she feels it’s important to break these unreal standards of beauty. 

Watch here Sameera Reddy in conversation with SheThePeople:

Neha Dhupia 


Actress Neha Dhupia has had a streak of grey hair since she was a child. She proudly displays it and declares, "It's my lucky charm." The actor has never made an attempt to hide it from public view, showing how her greys give her confidence. Dhupia shows that having white hair does not equate to compromising one’s beauty, in fact, it might actually add to it. 

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Dhupia and husband and actor Angad Bedi are all set to embrace parenthood again. The duo is expecting their second child they recently shared on Instagram.

Lara Dutta 

Lara Dutta takes grey hair as they are, just hair. She says that it is important for her to embrace her true self. The former miss universe said in an Instagram post that having grey hair does not bother her much. 

Dimple Kapadia


The Bobby actor is known for her unmatched and attractive hairstyles. The silver-haired actor sports it like jewellery, and simply serves looks to die for. The actor defies the age-old presumption that grey hair must be clipped back in a bun, and instead wears it in its full aura. 

Ratna Pathak Shah

While Pathak started colouring her hair when she noticed a few grey strands at the age of 30, she finally came around to embrace them in their raw, natural state. Pathak says that the only reason that stopped her from flaunting her greys was the expectations people have from female actors. Though she was concerned about how her hair colour would affect the roles she was offered, Pathak Shah believes it made little difference in the end. She hilariously points out, "The best work I've done is since I quit colouring my hair."

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