When Is K- Drama Series Shooting Stars Episode 7 Releasing?

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Shooting Stars episode 7 release date: The South Korean television series Shooting Stars features Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-dae. Here’s all you need to know about Shooting Stars episode 7, including its premiere date, time, and where to watch it online.

The romantic comedy series stars Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, and Lee Jung-shin in the main lead. Gong Tae-sung is played by Kim Young-dae, a country’s top star who projects a positive image in public but is cold-hearted in private. Oh Han-byul, played by Lee Sung-kyung, is his ex-girlfriend and a PR expert at his company. Tae-sung still does seem to have a crush on Han-byul, but she is going on blind dates with other guys. Therefore, the drama revolves around both their professional and personal lives in the entertainment industry.

The series begins with the introduction of the main characters. Oh Han-Byul, the female lead, is the chief of PR at StarForce Entertainment in the first episode. On the surface, she handles celebrities and looks to have a glamorous job. The show, on the other hand, discloses more of Han-Byul’s life, which appears to be less glamorous. The series reveals that dealing with reporters’ calls is the most challenging aspect of her work.

Meanwhile, the show’s male lead, Gong Tae-sung, is presented in a faraway location where he and his charity team have just finished drilling a well, much to the delight of the locals, and his humanitarian efforts have garnered him worldwide media exposure. Gong Tae-sung appears to be a nice person who is admired by all.

Shooting Stars will show how a disliked relationship between a publicist and a celebrity develops into a romance. As the story progresses, the two reconcile and get over their earlier misconceptions and hatreds.

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Shooting Stars Episode 7 Release Date:

The show began on April 22, 2022, and two episodes are broadcast each week on Friday and Saturday. It’s shown on tvN, but you can also watch it online on Viu, a Hong Kong-based video streaming service. This week’s episodes 7 and 8 of the show will air on May 13 (Friday) and May 14 (Saturday), respectively, at approximately 4 pm (GMT). The series will run for 16 episodes and conclude on June 11, 2022.