Kdrama ‘Shooting Stars’ Inches Closer To The End; Details On Finale Episode Release Here

shooting stars episode 16 release date
Shooting Stars, a South Korean drama series, has quickly become a fan favourite. Lee Sung-Kyung and Kim Young-Dae star in the key roles. The series’ fans who have stuck with it since the beginning will soon get to see the final episode.

The romantic love story of a top performer Gong Tae-Sung and Oh Han-Byul, the PR team leader of his management agency Starforce Entertainment, is the premise of the series. The K-drama also illustrates the vivid set-up of those who operate behind the scenes for superstars in South Korea’s megastar realm.

Shooting Stars Episode 15 Recap

Everything is back to normal now that the rumours, scandals, and controversies have faded away. Tae-Sung has wrapped filming on his drama and is visiting Han-Byul at the office. Tae-sung is concerned that they will be discovered dating and advises Han-byul to exercise restraint in the workplace. He arrives at the office as an office worker, though, and finds an excuse as method acting.

Moreover, on Yoon Woo’s death anniversary, everyone remembers him. But now Tae-Sung is back to his cheerful self. In the trailer for the upcoming episode, Han-Byul tries to disguise her relationship with Tae-Sung. Tae-Sung, on the other hand, visits Starforce Entertainment and Han-Byul’s office on a daily basis. He brings gifts for the PR team and his boss, and he tries to spend a romantic time with Han Byul.

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Shooting Stars Episode 16 Preview

Tae-Sung wonders at the start of the teaser if they have to split up again (referring to Han-Byul). An article regarding Tae-Sung and a suspected girlfriend may have been published. Han-Byul goes on to remark that being the girlfriend of a famous person is difficult. While they were standing behind the crowd, Tae-Sung covertly held Han-Byul’s hand.

They appear to have gone to Jeju for a vacation as well, but they must remain hidden anytime they spot someone nearby. For the majority of the preview, Han-Byul appears to be hiding from reporters. Tae-Sung asks if they should make their relationship public towards the end of the preview.

Shooting Stars Episode 16 Release Date

The 16th episode of Shooting Stars will air on Saturday, June 11th, and will be the series’ finale. It’s shown on tvN, but you can also watch it on Viu, a video streaming service based in Hong Kong.