Renee Sen Opens Up About Her Rohman Shawl’s Views On Her Acting Debut

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Renee Sen on Rohman Shawl: Renee Sen made her acting debut with the short film Suttabaazi earlier this year. She recently opened up about Rohman Shawl’s views on her debut as an actor.

Sen also expressed that she is proud of getting work on her merit, without the help of her mother, Sushmita Sen. The actor adopted Renee in 2000 and another girl, Alisah in 2010. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Sen spoke about her families reaction to her first film.

Family reaction to Renee Sen acting debut

“Alisah will tell me, ‘you’re growing up now, I’m so happy’,”  Sen said, adding that she has a balanced view for everything. She does not get too excited or disappointed. “In her heart, I don’t know what’s happening. She may be jumping and all of that,” she continued. Talking about Shawl’s opinion, the Suttabaazi actor said, “Rohman uncle also, even with him, he won’t say much, but when he says, it really means a lot. He was really happy as well.”

Sushmita Sen was reportedly in tears after watching the film. She supported her daughter despite knowing that she had to smoke in the film.

In the same interview, she said that at the age of 18, her mother told her, ”From today, all your successes and failures are yours.” Though the thought of taking ‘the easy way out’ crossed her mind, she knew it would not be worth it.

Sen thinks that after 10 years of her career, she will have to “ask for work”. Moreover, she has not received too many offers after her debut film, as is popularly believed.

In an earlier interview with Hindustan Times, Renee Sen said that she is well aware of her privilege and that she will never take it for granted. She added that she knows the responsibility attached to her surname. Above all, she is aware that it is because of her mother and her work that she is getting all the love.