Priyanka Chopra Reveals What’s It Like To Have A Secular Upbringing To Oprah

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Priyanka Chopra on religion: Priyanka Chopra will be seen speaking about her secular upbringing to Oprah Winfrey during her interview with the television show host. The interview is a part of Winfrey’ss eries called Super Soul Sunday.

In a recently released video clip from the interview, Chopra is seen speaking on the subject of spirituality and how it shaped her upbringing. Winfrey sais that Chopra’s recently released book Unfinished reminded her of her own visit to India. She asked the Quantico star whether or not she had a spiritual foundation, to which Chopra replied, “I think I did. In India, it is hard not to. You’re right. With the swirling number of religions that we have, that live within the country as well. I grew up in a convent school. I was aware of Christianity. My dad used to sing in a mosque, I was aware of Islam. I grew up in a Hindu family, I was aware of that. Spirituality is such a large part of India that you really cannot ignore it.”

The actor who is married to American singer Nick Jonas also added, “I am a believer that a higher power does exist and I like to have faith in that.”

Chopra’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, who recently made headlines with her explosive with Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry, will air on March 20, on Discovery+. Priyanka Chopra will talk about writing her book Unfinished, her married life with Jonas and her career.

Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday series, produced by Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), started in 2011. It has completed 17 seasons so far. Read more about the interview here.

Watch the video here: