There Was No Issue: Parineeti Chopra On Replacing Shraddha Kapoor In Saina

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When Parineeti replaced Shraddha in Saina Nehwal biopic: Parineeti Chopra recently shared how she wasn’t the first choice for the Saina Nehwal biopic. After undergoing rigorous training in the sport for her role actor Shraddha Kapoor opted out of the film. Chopra then replaced her as the main character. So how did this affect the rapport these two actors shared?

In a recent interview, Chopra revealed how Kapoor quit the biopic and she was brought on board. Speaking to Pinkvilla, Chopra shared, “Of course, she was not able to do the film due to certain date issues and she had other films that she was doing.” She went on to refute media reports that the incident created animosity between the two.

The Hasee Toh Phasee actor further wished that media would stop spreading rumours about them saying, “The thing is, there was never really any problem. This was something that the media made. Ki humein bada ek doosre se kuch problem hai (that we had some big problem with each other). She is the sweetest girl ever and we both are friends and we just had a great chat saying, ‘Listen, you know I am doing the film now’, and that was the end of it. It was very positive and very loving. I really wish the media would not make a big deal out of it. Because genuinely there was no issue.”

Taking to social media this week, Chopra said in a video on Instagram that she has “worked hard” on the biopic but it wasn’t an easy task. “Playing badminton was probably a secondary thing. I first had to get into the mind and physicality of being an athlete. We did a lot of training for agility, performance, strength, speed. You have to get serious skills to play an Olympian,” she claimed. Check How Did Parineeti Chopra Transform Into Saina – In Pictures

Director Amole Gupte’s Saina is set to release in theatres on March 26th.

Feature Image Credit: YouTube Screengrab