Nishigandha Wad To Star In Marathi film ‘Back To School’

Nishigandha Wad Back To School
Actor Nishigandha Wad is all set to star in a Marathi film called Back To School. It will be directed by Satish Mahadu Phuge, which will be produced under Rangsanskar Productions.

Other than Wad, the film will also star Saurabh Gokhale, Sneha Chavan, Shweta Pagar and Adhish Paigude. It will also have local corporator Sonali Gavhane and legislator Mahesh Landge in major roles. The screenplay and the writing for the film have been done by Amit Nandakumar Bendre and Satish Mahadu Phuge himself.

The film is bound to release some time around this year and had gone on floors on March 30 this year. Back To School will be director Satish Mahadu Phuge‘s directorial debut. Earlier, he had shared pictures from the mahurat pooja which was conducted for the film. He had also released a teaser poster of the film last year. Besides Back To School, Satish Mahadu Phuge is also directing another film called Ramprahar.

Who is Nishigandha Wad? Starring in Back To School

  1. Nishigandha Wad is a Marathi actor and author.
  2. She was born on 11 October 1969 in Bombay, Maharashtra.
  3. Nishigandha Wad has acted in several Marathi films such as Shejari Shejari (1990), Eka Peksha Ek (1991), Bandhan (1991), Pratikar (1991), Bala Jo Jo Re (1993), etc.
  4. Besides Marathi films, she has also starred in a few Hindi films such as Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro (1990), Karm Yodha (1992), Janmadata (1994), Daadagiri (1997), Deewangee (2002), Race 3 (2018), etc.
  5. She is married to Deepak Deulkar, and they have one child together.
  6. Last year, the actor faced backlash for expressing her views on same-sex couples. “I have a different point of view on same-sex marriage. Today’s generation feels, ‘one is not normal if one does not feel likewise- everyone has got a choice.’ But there’s also a choice of treatment,” she had said.
  7. She also expressed concerns over the rights of the child adopted by a same-sex couple. However, she denied being homophobic and said that she was only talking about the child’s rights.