Re-Establishing Beauty Standards, Navya Nanda Flaunts White Hair In New Picture

We love how Navya Nanda has broken major beauty stereotypes by posing for a picture featuring her white hair.

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Navya Nanda On Sexism, Navya Nanda white hair
Are you hiding those white hair just because you feel people may judge you or call you names? You need to check out Navya Naveli Nanda's social media profile then. The entrepreneur makes a statement again as she shares a picture on her social media page flaunting her white hair. 

The 25-year-old heads a business named Aara Health and has made headlines in the past for breaking many stereotypes.

Navya Nanda White Hair picture

Navya Nanda shared a picture of her in a peach saree on January 22. However, the appreciative feature of the post was how she sported her grey hair in the picture. In times when people still feel compelled to give into outdated beauty standards which see ageing and greying of hair as a mark of extinguishing beauty, it is refreshing to see Nanda's photo.   

With this stance, she made her point that hair colour is natural and we need not hide it or feel fearful to show it. In a peach saree with a silver kundan necklace with pearl drops and earrings, she stunned the overall look. She captioned the picture as "ft. my white hair :)".

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People appreciated her for this post and she also received a virtual hug from her maternal uncle Abhishek Bachchan on the picture.

Navya Nanda is an avid social media user and has turned heads through her witty responses and unique posts on her platform. Last year, when she posted a picture in the pink t-shirt with matching pants, she was asked by one of the users to "try Bollywood" and Nanda gracefully replied to the person -“Thank you for your kind words, but beautiful women can run businesses too." The user who tried to equate the beauty standard of a woman to bagging a movie got a befitting reply from her.

Navya Nanda co-founded Aara Health along with Pragya Saboo, Ahilya Mehta, and Mallika Sahney. It is a platform for women's health that focuses on building awareness and services around feminine health in India. She had also launched a nonprofit organisation named Project Naveli in the year 2020 which provides women with resources & opportunities to allow for social and economic independence. She has graduated from Fordham University in New York with a major in Digital Technology and user experience. 

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Navya Naveli Nanda